Looking for a high-performance, affordable remote access solution to support your hybrid learning program? Try Splashtop for free.

Thousands of K-12 and higher education institutions are enjoying Splashtop’s high performance, quick-to-deploy remote access to existing Windows and Mac lab computers running Adobe, Autodesk, and other applications that are already licensed. Using Splashtop for remote labs, students can remotely access lab computers from their own devices as if they were sitting in front of the remote computers.

As educational institutions implement remote or hybrid learning programs, shortcomings of cloud-based DaaS (Desktop as a Service) solutions like VMware Horizon Cloud have been magnified. Remote access solutions like Splashtop are better suited to today’s requirements of students, faculty members, and IT teams. Contact us to get started.

Let’s explore the comparison of Splashtop remote desktop vs. Horizon Cloud for remote computer labs in detail:

Splashtop for remote labs VMware Horizon Cloud
Performance High-performance remote sessions allow students to carry out resource-intensive tasks like video-editing, graphic design, creating animations, coding, and much more with low latency. Splashtop supports NVIDIA and AMD GPU acceleration. Infrastructure could be located hundreds of miles away from students resulting in laggy remote access experience, reducing productivity.
Software Licensing Leverage existing software licenses.

Students can use existing licensed applications like Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and After Effects; AutoDesk AutoCAD, Revit, 3ds Max, Fusion 360, and Maya; Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools; Vectorworks, ArcGIS, Rhino, SketchUp, SolidWorks, and many more, just as they would on campus.

Many software vendors do not allow their software to be virtualized due to inability to properly track licensing. Others have different licensing for virtualization and often charge a premium. This process of relicensing increases complexity, cost, and time.
Quick to Deploy Up and running in minutes. Takes weeks to set up. Relicensing for virtualization can take months.
Scheduling Remote Access IT teams can schedule specific times, and manage permissions for students to access lab computers through a centralized admin console. No scheduling feature.
Cost Pay for concurrent licenses and utilize existing investment in computers. Physical computers (Capex) allow institutions to better manage and control their budget. Operating cost (OpEx) can be high especially when priced on-demand. High student usage drives the price up significantly, especially if students forget to log off their cloud instances and keep them running!
Data Security and Privacy Data resides on-premises, in the labs. Data stored in the cloud results in data privacy compliance requirements overhead and risks. Careful review and monitoring are required to protect user privacy.
Mac Support Splashtop delivers consistent user experiences across Windows and Macs.
Ability to Assist Students In-session Faculty members can join any student’s remote access session to train, address questions and issues.
Support for Hybrid Learning Hybrid in-classroom and remote learning is the future and Splashtop is the best-suited remote access solution. Students can work on the lab computers in-person as well as from home. Not suitable for a hybrid learning environment.
Splashtop has established partnerships with AWS, GCP, and Azure. The upcoming Splashtop roadmap includes support for DaaS to deliver additional workload on-demand. This allows educational institutions to prioritize the usage of existing physical labs first before incurring the expenses of on-demand cloud workspace/software. IT teams can leverage Splashtop’s scheduling and manageability features to fully control and monitor physical labs as well as cloud virtual instances.

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