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The Best LogMeIn Alternative - Splashtop
The Best LogMeIn Alternative - Splashtop

The Best LogMeIn Alternative 2024

Save up to 80% when you choose Splashtop

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A person using Splashtop rather than LogMeIn on a table to remotely access a computer

Why Choose Splashtop

Need a better alternative to LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn Central, or LogMeIn Rescue?

Thousands of businesses, MSPs, and individuals have already switched from LogMeIn to Splashtop, and it’s not hard to see why:

  • Splashtop offers remote access solutions at the best value, saving you up to 80% per year when compared to LogMeIn. See our Splashtop vs LogMeIn pricing comparison

  • Splashtop delivers secure, high performance remote connections with 4K streaming at 40 frames per second

  • Splashtop maximizes productivity, effortlessly supporting over 100,000 endpoints while
    offering a comprehensive suite of top-tier tools and features for seamless remote work

  • Splashtop comes with all the top tools & features for working remotely

  • Splashtop earns the highest customer satisfaction ratings from third-party reviewers and peer-to-peer review sites

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Alternative to LogMeIn Pro

Splashtop Business Access

Starts at $5/month

Access your computers remotely, from any device. Perfect for individuals or businesses that want to enable work from home for users.

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Alternative to LogMeIn Rescue

Splashtop SOS

Starts at $17/month

Attended and unattended remote support software. Provide on-demand remote support (QuickSupport) to any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Alternative to LogMeIn Central

Splashtop Remote Support

Starts at $40/month

Remote support and endpoint management software. Access, monitor, and manage your clients computers and servers at any time, from anywhere.

Join Our Happy Customers

Like many other IT professionals, I was blindsided by the LogMeIn pricing bombshell which has left me and my clients scrambling for an alternative to that, now overpriced, solution. After making do on a temporary basis with other products’ free solutions, I have finally come home to Splashtop. In addition to being easily deployed and scaled, Splashtop gives me excellent performance even over sketchy connections.

Micah Barham - Barham Technologies

Join Our Happy Customers

I just want to say what an awesome product Splashtop Business Access is. I switched over to Splashtop from LogMeIn Pro as I was experiencing reliability issues and their customer support didn’t seem at all receptive to fixing it.

Simon White - CTO & Founder,

Join Our Happy Customers

At Ultimate IT Guys we perform most of our work remotely. We have found Splashtop easy to use, reliable, secure and cost effective for both our technicians and for our customers that work remotely. We moved from LogMeIn to Splashtop because of the constant price increases and declining level of support at LogMeIn.

Cleatus Davis - Ultimate IT Guys

Join Our Happy Customers

I’ve used LogMeIn before. Splashtop is much cheaper and easier to set up users with controlled access to machines. I like having the session and history logs. These have been extremely helpful.

David Bakker - Hendrik’s Greenhouses

Capterra Average User Rating Scores

Splashtop scored higher than LogMeIn for functionality, ease of use, value for money, and customer support

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We can offer up to 3 free additional subscription months on a new Splashtop subscription.

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IT professionals discussing the features and benefits of Splashtop remote access software, a top alternative to LogMeIn

Get the Remote Access Solution You Need at the Best Value

Each Splashtop solution is designed with a specific use case in mind, meaning you’ll get all the top tools and features you need at the best value. Whether you need a remote control solution for working from home, remote working, remote lab access, or remote support, Splashtop has the solution for you.

Splashtop comes with all the top features such as drag-and-drop file transfer, chat, remote print, session recording, multi-to-multi monitor viewing, Wake-on-LAN, remote reboot, user management, and more.

Close up of a person's glasses as they use a computer with Splashtop, the better alternative to LogMeIn

Fast, Reliable, and Secure Remote Access

Splashtop supports the operating systems you use and offers cross-platform remote access. Get remote computer access to Windows and Mac computers from any other Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device. IT can access any computer, tablet, or mobile device to provide remote support.

Fast remote connections make to possible to perform video editing, audio mixing, lip syncing, and 3D CAD drawing while in a remote session.

Plus, Splashtop gives you peace of mind thanks to industry-leading security features and practices (including TLS and 256-bit AES encryption) and compliance with industry and government standards and regulations, including ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and FERPA.

A happy IT technician using Splashtop on a laptop instead of LogMeIn

Enjoy a Better Customer Service Experience with Splashtop

Splashtop is committed to delivering customer service excellence. Splashtop has service teams in California, Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Amsterdam to make it easy for you to get in contact with a real person. New and existing customers can call Splashtop’s international phone lines to speak with a real person

Unlike other remote access software tools, you can easily modify your subscription settings to add or remove seats, upgrade your plan, or cancel.


What is better than LogMeIn?

Splashtop’s remote access & remote support solutions are better than LogMeIn for a variety of reasons. Splashtop offers fast and secure remote connections, comes with all the top features, and saves you up to 80% on your subscription cost when compared to LogMeIn. Plus, Splashtop earns the highest customer satisfaction ratings on peer-to-peer review sites.

Is there a free LogMeIn version?

No. There used to be a free version called LogMeIn Free, but it was discontinued several years ago. You could pay for an expensive LogMeIn license, or you can get Splashtop to enjoy fast and secure remote access, with all the tools you need, and save up to 80% on your subscription cost when compared to LogMeIn.

How do I cancel my LogMeIn account?

To cancel your auto-renewal subscription, LogMeIn may require you to contact their customer support team. This can make deleting your LogMeIn account more time-consuming and challenging. On the other hand, Splashtop lets users modify all account settings, including the option to cancel, with ease from within the Splashtop web console.

How much is a LogMeIn subscription?

LogMeIn is one of the most expensive remote access providers in the market. Depending on the package and how many users and devices you have, LogMeIn can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. On the other hand, you can save up to 80% per year when you choose Splashtop instead of LogMeIn. See our LogMeIn pricing comparison.

How do I migrate my computers from LogMeIn to Splashtop?

Already a LogMeIn customer and want to switch to Splashtop? You can quickly and easily migrate your endpoints to Splashtop in just a few steps! Read our instructions on how to migrate from LogMeIn to Splashtop.

What is the best LogMeIn Alternative?

Splashtop is the best LogMeIn alternative. Whether you need an alternative for LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn Central, or LogMeIn Rescue, Splashtop has the right remote access solution for you. Choose Splashtop to get fast and secure remote access while saving up to 80% per year when compared to LogMeIn.

Start a free trial of Splashtop so you can experience why Splashtop is the best LogMeIn alternative.

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