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GoToMyPC Pricing Comparison

Save at least 75% when you choose Splashtop instead

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GoToMyPC Pricing Comparison
GoToMyPC Pricing Comparison

GoToMyPC Cost Too Much?

GoToMyPC is one of the most expensive remote desktop platforms available today. To be able to remotely access just 1 computer, you'll have to pay $420/year with GoToMyPC!

Don't settle for the high cost of a GoToMyPC subscription. Instead, you can have a better remote desktop tool for a fraction of the the cost of GoToMyPC when you choose Splashtop instead!

  • You'll save 75% on your license cost when you choose Splashtop instead of GoToMyPC.

  • Splashtop gives you more features, including chat, remote wake-on-LAN, and more!

  • Splashtop delivers high-performance remote connections that make you feel as if you were in front of your remote computer.

  • You'll have peace of mind knowing that Splashtop comes equipped with an industry-leading security infrastructure and all the top security features.

GoToMyPC Price Comparison

Save 75% by choosing Splashtop when compared to GoToMyPC's Price

Splashtop Business Access Pro


Starting at



GoToMyPC starts at $37.50/month and gives you access to just one computer. On the other hand, Splashtop Business Access Pro starts at $8.25/month and gives you access to up to 10 computers.

Not to mention, you'll also get these features with Splashtop that aren't in the GoToMyPC Personal and Pro Plans:

  • Remote reboot

  • Remote wake-on-LAN

  • Chat

  • Device management

  • User management

  • Session recording

  • Two users into one computer

  • Multi-monitor support (for Mac)

You get much more with Splashtop all the while saving on your license cost. For this reason, Splashtop is the best GoToMyPC alternative.

No More High GoToMyPC Pricing - Try Splashtop Now

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What former GoToMyPC customers say

Splashtop is such an easy to use system. I was a previous customer of GoToMyPC, and was nervous about the transition and ease of use. What a great decision it was to make this change! Extremely happy with everything this far. The price is phenomenal.

Lisa M Rizzo

What former GoToMyPC customers say

Splashtop is very easy to use. I have used GoToMyPC and LogMeIn before and Splashtop is the best product to me. Also, the price is a lot better than the competition.

Octavio Abea - Compatec

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