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Splashtop is a Better Alternative to LogMeIn Pro

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Splashtop Costs Less, Runs Faster, and Lets You Remotely Access More Computers.

Using LogMeInCentral? Compare with Splashtop Remote Support!

Get All the Features You Need at a Much Lower Price Than LogMeIn Pro

Splashtop Business Access Pro

LogMeIn Pro

Price starts at



Number of computers



Fast remote access

Cross-platform file transfer (Drag-and-Drop)

Remote print


Copy & paste

Mobile apps

Multi-monitor (Windows only)

Multi-monitor (Windows & Mac)

Two users can remote into the same computer concurrently*

Share your desktop via web link


Remote wake

Remote reboot

Session recording

User management

Price Comparison (per year)

Business Access Pro

LogMeIn Pro

10 computers



25 computers



50 computers



Already Have a LogMeIn License?

No need to wait until your current subscription expires. Contact us at or 1-408-886-7177 and we’ll help you get an early start with Splashtop at no extra cost.

Lock in Your Low Price with Splashtop – No Yearly Price Increases

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