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Secure and Efficient Remote Access & Support for Healthcare Providers

Empowering Healthcare Providers to Deliver Better Patient Care Anytime, Anywhere

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Trusted by Top Healthcare Institutions for Their Remote Access and Support Needs

A nurse using Splashtop's remote access software to look at a patient's records.

Secure and Efficient Remote Access with Splashtop

Splashtop's remote access solutions enable healthcare professionals to perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively, leading to improved patient care and satisfaction.

With Splashtop, physicians, nurses, administrative employees, and IT teams can securely and quickly remote into computers or virtual machines from any device and location. This allows healthcare professionals to remotely access specialized medical software systems running on high-end machines (such as analyzing blood and tissue samples) to provide more accurate and timely diagnoses.

Instructors can also enhance learning by remotely simulating 3D graphics at teaching hospitals, improving the education and training of future healthcare professionals.

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Rely on Secure, HIPAA Compliant Access

We understand how important it is to protect your patients' information.

That's why we have advanced security features, including SSO, 256-bit encryption and MFA, and customizable security policies. Our solutions are SOC2 Type 2 compliant, HIPAA and PCI compliant (in addition to many more industry and government regulations).

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Business Access

Secure high-performance remote access to enable work from anywhere

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Attended and unattended remote support solution

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Remote access and support to meet your advanced business and security needs

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Self-hosted remote access and support to meet your security and compliance requirements

Key Benefits

  • Protect Sensitive Data and Stay Compliant

    Keep your sensitive patient data protected with Splashtop's industry-related compliances—such as SOC2, HIPAA, and PCI—along with advanced security features. Customize security policies to your institution's specific needs to ensure compliance and peace of mind.

  • Access Patient Records Anywhere, Anytime

    Access patient records, images, and files within your Electronic Health Records (EHR) system from anywhere, whether you're in an exam room, office, or another department. Save time and improve patient care by having all the information you need at your fingertips.

  • Analyze Samples from Anywhere with Ease

    Use specialized medical software systems running on high-end machines whenever and wherever you need them with Splashtop's high-performance access. Analyze samples and make accurate diagnoses from anywhere, allowing you to provide better patient care and improve outcomes.

  • Streamline IT Support for Practitioners

    Enable IT teams to provide on-demand support to practitioners while remotely monitoring and maintaining devices with Splashtop. Easily connect to support and ensure that all devices are running smoothly, freeing up time for practitioners to focus on patient care.

Top Features for Healthcare Providers

Remote Print

Splashtop's remote print feature allows healthcare providers to securely print patient records and other important documents from anywhere, making it easy to access critical data while on the go. With this feature, healthcare professionals can improve efficiency and productivity while ensuring that patient data is always accessible and up-to-date.

Encrypted Data Transfer

Splashtop's encrypted data transfer feature ensures that sensitive patient data remains secure during remote access and support sessions. With industry-leading encryption and additional security features, Splashtop provides healthcare providers with the peace of mind they need to comply with regulations and protect patient data.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Splashtop's multi-factor authentication feature adds an extra layer of security for healthcare providers when accessing and supporting sensitive patient data remotely. With industry-leading verification methods, Splashtop helps prevent unauthorized access and data breaches, ensuring compliance with regulations such as HIPAA.

Customer support team actively assisting Splashtop users

Flexible cloud or on-premise deployment options

Experience excellent remote access with our cloud-based solution or easily integrate Splashtop with your on-premise servers and IT environment. 

  • Remotely access Windows, Mac or Linux computers from any computer or mobile device.

  • Empower IT teams to remotely support computers and devices.

  • Monitor and manage endpoints with remote reboot, APK push installs and dispatch files.

  • Conduct system inventory and reporting.

  • Leverage Active Directory or SSO for centralized authentication.

  • Enhance healthcare professionals' productivity and improve patient care.

  • Provide a seamless user experience with Splashtop's easy-to-use features.

Front view of Slinglande Hospital building representing a Splashtop case study

Slingeland Hospital

How Slingeland Hospital Transformed Patient Care with Secure Remote Access

Learn How Splashtop Empowered Slingeland Hospital to Deliver Better Healthcare Services with Easy and Secure Remote Access Solutions.

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IT technician reading a case study on how Home Farm Family Medicine Leverages with Splashtop

Home Farm Family Medicine

Empowering Frontline Healthcare Professionals with Secure Remote Access

See How Splashtop Revolutionized Healthcare Delivery by Providing Secure and Efficient Remote Access Solutions for Frontline Healthcare Professionals.

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From Our Happy Customers

The Dental Whale Savings Network is excited to partner with Splashtop in paving the way for dentists across the US to access their desktop systems remotely. It will also help DWSN members keep up with their practices non-clinical tasks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Philip Cruz, Director at Dental Whale Savings Network

Dental Whale Savings Network logo

From Our Happy Customers

As we’ve seen with the global pandemic, remote access is crucial to the success of any business and we are pleased to be partnered with Splashtop. Their reliability, performance and customer support have been exceptional in providing us, our customers and employees the necessary tools to keep important work moving forward, even remotely.

Joel Nichols, Vice President of Information Systems at Quanterix

Quanterix logo

From Our Happy Customers

Splashtop has unrivaled performance and works seamlessly on every device we have used it on. It utilizes stringent security procedures that keeps our remote sessions and data secure. Also, Splashtop’s customer service team has been absolutely divine, cementing Splashtop as our remote access software of choice.

Jake Harrelson, Patient Navigator at Home Farm Family Medicine

From Our Happy Customers

Splashtop is easy to use and a forward-thinking company we envisage continuing to work with in the future.

Koen Van Dulmen, Project Manager of Slingeland Hospital’s Sensing Clinic

Slingeland Hospital logo

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