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Student using Splashtop to connect to their school computer late at night to edit a video project

Remote computer lab access for students & teachers

Enable students to access computer labs at any time from any device. Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs is the best-value, secure remote support and remote computer access tool for educational institutions.

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Person using Splashtop to connect to their high-powered machine at work with 3D programs

High-performance access to on-campus computers

Splashtop remote desktop software lets students remotely access and take control of on-site computers from their own devices (Windows or Mac computers, Chromebooks, iPads, Android tablets, and more). Once connected, they’ll see the remote computer screen on their own device and can use any application or file as if they were in the campus lab.

Increase digital equity in education

Lab computers at educational institutions often provide access to specialized software like Adobe Creative Suite, AutoDesk and Unity. However, not all students can visit computer labs after school due to athletics, jobs or other commitments.  Remote Labs enables students to connect to lab computers from their personal devices, including Chromebooks, at any time. 

Key Benefits

  • Students enjoy anytime, high-performance remote access to powerful campus devices that run specialized software.
  • Get a greater ROI on expensive software licenses by making your lab computers available to remote students and outside campus hours.
  • Cut costs associated with buying specialized software for each student device.
  • Bridge the gap of equality and inclusion by providing anytime, anywhere access to campus computing resources from any device.

Trusted by Top Educational Institutions for Their Remote Access Needs

From Our Happy Customers

You’re going to have a lot more people from Wayne State coming to you for Splashtop because they’ve been watching us. And they’ve been asking me in our restart committees how I’m doing. I’ve been telling them it just works.

Gary Cendrowski

From Our Happy Customers

Splashtop will allow us to provide them with remote access. It also opens our labs for a potential 24 hours—a virtual lab scenario that wasn’t previously identified as a need.

Nicholas Adams, Director of Information Technology at Lenawee Intermediate School District

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From Our Happy Customers

Some students have computers that aren’t powerful enough to run this software, and some of the applications simply don’t have student versions. The students must have access to this software to continue their studies, and that’s where Splashtop comes in.

Gerald Casey, IT Department Head in Laney College's Career and Technical Education Division

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Student Faculty Onboarding Guide: PDF | Video

Administrator Guide: PDF | Video

Enterprise Administrator Guide: PDF | Video

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