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Remote device management and support from anywhere

IoT Remote Access - Manage & Support Devices from Anywhere 

Maximize uptime for your mobile computers, POS systems, scanners, ELDs and more

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Remote Support for IoT Devices

Splashtop is SOC 2 compliant and supports other industry and government standards and regulations including GDPR, CCPA, PCI, HIPPA and FERPA.

  • Remotely monitor, manage and support all devices

    Protect your IoT investments and maximize uptime with attended and unattended remote support capabilities. Provide on-demand device support during peak business hours to eliminate lengthy device downtime. Remotely monitor and manage devices to ensure they are updated and keep business operations running smoothly. 

  • Increase technician efficiency with remote access

    Enable technicians to manage and respond to support requests fast, minimizing disruptions to revenue-impacting tasks. With remote access, centralized IT teams can support more locations at once eliminating the need to have local onsite IT technicians. Advanced monitoring and alerting capability allow technicians to proactively resolve issues, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. 

  • Reduce onsite tech visits with AR

    Access the camera of on-site mobile devices and experience interactive augmented reality annotations and voice communication. Solve problems quickly, especially when devices can’t connect to the internet. Remote or level 2 tech experts can troubleshoot as if they are onsite, then provide step-by-step guidance to onsite staff. Resolve issues in a fraction of the time it would take to send a technician. 

Industry Solutions

Retail & Restaurants 

POS systems are the backbone of business operations while music systems and digital displays enhance the customer experience. When POS devices go down, it can have a significant impact on revenue as well as the customer experience.  With Splashtop, technicians can easily monitor devices and proactively resolve problems when issues arise. 


Digital signage and kiosks only enhance the customer journey when they work. Downtime can be frustrating for customers and create a negative experience with your brand. With Splashtop, you can easily access Windows or Android-based devices to remotely reboot systems, install systems updates and more to minimize downtime. 


Telematics and ELD devices have numerous benefits including route optimization, increased driver safety and more.  However, supporting devices that are in numerous disparate locations can be difficult. Splashtop makes it easy to troubleshoot and resolve problems in real-time and support users wherever they are. 

Logistics & Warehousing 

Rugged devices and scanners are central to logistics operations, enabling everything from shipping and receiving, to picking and packing. Device downtime can impact employee productivity and ultimately cause shipping delays that impact the customer experience. Splashtop enables centralized IT teams to quickly provide on-demand support as well as update and maintain devices during off hours to minimize business impact. 

Key Features

  • Broad device support for mobile computers, rugged devices & scanners, kiosks, digital signage, POS systems, ELDs and more
  • Monitor online status
  • 1-to-many APK push-install
  • Remotely reboot and dispatch files
  • Android system inventory and report
  • Android Enterprise ready for easy AppConfig and deployment with existing MDM solutions
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Raspberry Pi support
  • Cloud or on-premise deployments
  • Complete security features with TLS and 256-bit AES encryption

Supported Operating Systems


1000+ Endpoints. 46 Locations. No Problem.

Find out how Peter Pane Restaurants was able to provide on-demand remote support utilizing augmented reality to reduce their device downtime.

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