Splashtop Streamer Downloads

Install the Splashtop Streamer on any Windows or Mac computers that you want to remotely access, view, and control from another device using the Splashtop app.


Splashtop Business Access

Click to get the Streamer from your my.splashtop.com console
If you wish use the general Streamer with your email and password instead of your custom streamer, click here to download


Splashtop SOS+10 and SOS Unlimited (for unattended computers)

Click to deploy the Streamer via your my.splashtop.com console
For on-demand quick support sessions, send your users to sos.splasthop.com to get the SOS app so they can give you their 9-digit access code

Need to update your streamer?

Open the Streamer and select About, Check for Updates. If you’re on version 3.0 or older, use the links above to install the latest.

Need the app?

Looking for the Splashtop app that goes on the computer or device that you will use to remotely access your computer? Get the app from our downloads page.