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AnyDesk Commercial Use Detected?

This is why you should switch to Splashtop...

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Frustrated network administrator contemplating a switch from AnyDesk Commercial to Splashtop due to dissatisfaction

AnyDesk Commercial Detection is a HEADACHE

If you've been using the free version of AnyDesk and had your remote connections blocked after a few minutes due to suspected commercial use, we've got your back. When AnyDesk detects that you’re using their free license for commercial purposes, they’ll limit your remote connections to get you to pay for a commercial plan.

Splashtop offers an affordable alternative to AnyDesk. When you compare Splashtop vs AnyDesk pricing, Splashtop can save you 40% or more! Get started with a free trial, no credit card or commitment required!

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For Individuals and Teams

Splashtop Business Access

Starts at $5/month

Compared to $14.90/month for AnyDesk Solo

Access your computers remotely, from any device. Perfect for individuals or businesses/schools that want to enable work from home for users.

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For IT, Support and Help Desks

Splashtop SOS

Starts at $17/month

Compared to AnyDesk plans starting at $29.90/month

Attended and unattended remote support software. Provide on-demand remote support (QuickSupport) to any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

For Large Teams

Splashtop Enterprise

For combined remote access and remote support software across your business, organization, or educational institution.

G2 Remote Desktop User Satisfaction Scores – Splashtop vs. AnyDesk

IT technician reading into the cons of anydesk commercial and how Splashtop is a better option

Why Choose Splashtop

Splashtop is reliable, secure, high performance, and cost effective when compared to AnyDesk. You’ll enjoy unlimited access to your computers from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Plus you’ll get all the top features such as drag-and-drop file transfer, remote print, chat, multi monitor support, and more.

You’ll get an industry-leading customer service experience with Splashtop, which is why Splashtop earned the highest NPS score in the industry (as rated by users and third-party reviewer G2). AnyDesk also requires 28 days advanced notice to cancel your subscription. At Splashtop, you can simply disable auto-renewal anytime via a simple click in the web console. Splashtop is committed to delivering the best value and service.

That's why Splashtop is the best AnyDesk alternative.

Start a free trial of Splashtop right now to see for yourself why Splashtop is the best alternative to AnyDesk. No credit card or commitment required to get started.

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