Splashtop vs. Citrix XenApp (HDX)
Splashtop Outperforms all remote access and application access solutions.
Faster, Easier User Experience. Supports HD video, 3D, sound, and ALL of your most challenging applications.

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App Store 5 Star Reviews:
“Splashtop saves my bacon regularly. I travel pretty constantly and when I am away from home I often forget a document or 2 on my computer at home. Prior to Splashtop I had to have a VPN setup or a tunnel through my router / Firewall to connect to my PC. I could use tools like ConnectToMyPC but honestly they are not very good and often fail. Splashtop is quick easy to setup, I especially love that I do not need to memorize anything just open the App and my PC is right there when I need it. Whether from my Mac or my iPad both apps are excellent. Thanks Splashtop.”

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Splashtop vs. Citrix XenApp (HDX)
Splashtop vs. Citrix XenApp (HDX)
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