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Enhance Endpoint Security with Splashtop Antivirus (Powered by Bitdefender)

Protect your Windows and Mac computers by leveraging the award-winning anti-malware technology all from within Splashtop

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Proactively Prevent Cyberattacks

Each year the number of cyberattacks increase costing businesses tens of thousands to millions of dollars. It has never been more important to keep your devices and users safe.

Splashtop Antivirus powered by Bitdefender provides next-gen layered security to accurately identify new threats.

Why Splashtop Antivirus?

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  • Protect your business, mitigate risks of cyber-attacks, and improve security posture
  • Seamlessly manage and deploy antivirus from within Splashtop's remote access and support solutions
  • Get real-time endpoint protection at competitive prices

Key Features

Silent Install/Uninstall

Easily install Splashtop Antivirus on endpoints and get notified about threats all within Splashtop console, without requiring any user interaction. 

Customize Policies

Configure customized antivirus policies for specific computers and groups  

Anti-malware Scanning

Schedule quick or full-on demand scans and enable on-access scanning for real-time protection against malware. 

Advanced Threat Control

Continuously monitor apps and processes using Bitdefender's heuristic scoring algorithm to detect publicly known as well as new threats before they are associated as risks.

Device Scanning

Prevent sensitive data leakage and malware infections from external USB devices and CD/DVD media. 

Web Traffic Security

Leverage firewall, anti-phishing, and traffic scanning to block unauthorized connection attempts and protect users from fraudulent websites or malicious content such as spyware or viruses. 

Whitelist & Exclusions

Add files, folders, processes, extensions, and URLs to a whitelist and exclude them from being scanned by anti-threat and anti-phishing engines 

Alerts & Logging

View protection status and logged threats for each device and get notified in real-time when a threat is detected or blocked

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Starting at $8.25/month

Splashtop Business Access Pro

Boost your remote access with up to 60 fps advanced performance architecture.

Get additional features such as multi-monitor support, file transfer, remote print, group licensing, priority live technical support, and more!

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Starting at $17/month

Splashtop SOS

Attended and unattended remote support solution

Starting at $40/month

Splashtop Remote Support

Remote access and support plus endpoint monitoring and management

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Splashtop Enterprise

Remote access and support to meet your advanced business and security needs

Splashtop Antivirus Add-On Pricing

Number of Endpoints

Save with Splashtop!


$1.20 / endpoint / month ($1.50 value)


$0.99 / endpoint / month ($1.50 value)


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Additional Bitdefender Modules through Splashtop

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Advanced Threat Security

Get an additional layer of security that leverages machine learning. HyperDetect will spot hacking tools, discover network exploits, stop traffic from suspicious websites, and more. Sandbox is integrated into each endpoint that allows Bitdefender to thoroughly examine files without harm to your computer.

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Endpoint Detection and Response

Get the tools to prevent known cyber-attacks, and circumvent and respond to sophisticated attacks with organizational-level efficiency. It focuses on extended threat detection, focused investigation, and effective response.

Email Security

Get cloud hosted real time message protection from spam and phishing attempts all while getting comprehensive email security from email threats, impersonation attacks, CEO fraud, ransomware, and more.

Patch Management

Strengthen security and reduce the risk of potential vulnerabilities in software and applications with automated Patch Management. Keep software applications up to date and view a comprehensive list of the patch status across their entire Windows machines.

Full Disk Encryption

Get compliant-friendly full disk encryption and remote management of encryption keys for boot and non-boot volumes on fixed disks, desktops and laptops.


Get real time on-premise mailbox protection from spam and phishing attempts all while getting comprehensive email security from email threats, impersonation attacks, CEO fraud, ransomware, and more.

Security for Virtual Environments

Get comprehensive integrations that provide security to virtual environments like Citrix, Nutanix, VMWare and public clouds like Amazon and Azure.


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