The Preferred Remote Work and Remote Support Solution

Better Performance and features Compared to Dameware

More Key Features and Functionality

Splashtop Dameware

Licensing and Maintenance Fees Offers subscription-based licensing and easy 1-click auto-renewal turnoff, anytime.
No maintenance fees.
Perpetual licensing doesn’t offer flexibility, requires a 30-day notice ahead of time to cancel.
Necessary maintenance fees.
Productivity Features Advanced remote work features like USB device redirection, true multi-monitor support, microphone pass-through, and ability to schedule access.
Advanced support features like service desk, AR, Splashtop Connector.
Limited focus on the usability, performance and features required for productive remote work. Mainly used for internal remote support.
No advanced features.
Performance Consistently high performance across networks and on any device or OS (Windows, Mac and Linux, iOS, Android and Chrome). No support for Chromebooks and inconsistent performance across networks and newer OS versions.
Integrations Integrates with other ITSM, endpoint management, ticketing system, IAM solutions. Does not integrate with IT solutions or ticketing systems other than SolarWinds Service Desk and Web Help Desk.

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Why Splashtop?

Advanced productivity features for both remote work and support
Integrates with your existing IT solutions
Consistent performance across any OS (fully compatible with Windows 11) and device