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Splashtop Features

Attended Access

Splashtop attended access enables you to remotely control Windows, Mac, and Android devices. You can also remotely view iOS and Chromebook device screens in real time.

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Send and receive messages to a remote computer before, during, or after remote access sessions.

Cross Platform Remote Access

No matter what device you’re remoting into and what device you’re connecting from, you’ll have a seamless experience with high-performance connections, HD-quality streaming and sound.

File Transfer

Splashtop’s remote desktop file transfer feature makes it simple and easy to transfer files between computers, across a remote connection. It’s more secure than sending files via email too.  

High Performance

With Splashtop’s high-performance features, professionals can access resource-intensive workstations remotely as if they were sitting in front of them.


Check logs for remote desktop connections, file transfers, chat sessions, and other history.

Multi-Monitor Remote Desktop

Splashtop’s multi-monitor remote desktop feature allows you to view multiple monitors on one screen while controlling a remote computer. 

Remote Desktop Audio

Hear sound from a remote computer in real-time on your local computer, tablet, or mobile device with Splashtop. 

Remote Print

Print anything from the remote computer that you’re accessing onto your local printer.

Remote Reboot

Reboot your remote computer from the Splashtop web console or from the Splashtop Business app

Remote Wake

With Splashtop's remote wake-on-LAN feature, you can remotely wake up your Windows or Mac computer as long as another computer on the same network is awake.

Scheduled Remote Access

Use a centralized admin console to set up, manage, and monitor a schedule allowing access to permitted on-site computers at predetermined times.

Share My Screen

Share your desktop screen with remote viewers while remotely accessing another device. This feature is great for demonstrations, providing instructions and sharing information.

Single Sign On

Splashtop SSO makes use of SAML 2.0 standard and integration with all major identity providers.

Two Users Into One Computer

Allow two users to remotely access one computer at the same time.

Unattended Android Remote Access

Remotely access and control Android devices from your PC (Windows or Mac), iOS, or Android device, even without an end-user present. You can remotely control Android phones and tablets from your computer to complete your IT and support tasks with ease.

User Computer Management

Splashtop gives you the tools to invite users, set permissions, adjust security settings, schedule access, and organize your users and computers into groups.

Video Session Recording

Record your remote support sessions to show end-users how to perform a task or teach fellow IT technicians how to troubleshoot certain issues.


Easily highlight, draw, or write over your presentations using your tablet. With Whiteboard, you can increase interactivity while you present, train, or teach.

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