Attended Remote Access with Splashtop

Provide ad-hoc remote support

Attended remote access (or attended remote support / on-demand remote support) is ideal for IT support and help desk teams who need to remotely access any end-user device the moment they need help. With a simple 9-digit session code, technicians are able to remotely access their end users’ device and provide remote assistance to resolve issues quickly. No prior setup necessary.

Splashtop attended access enables you to remotely control Windows, Mac, and Android devices, and lets you remotely view iOS and Chromebook device screens in real-time.

Use Cases

IT Support
Technicians can manage and support user devices to fix any issues when they arise. Connect to your user’s device quickly and provide remote support without having to leave your desk.

IT Admins are able to remote into a student or faculty member’s device to assist them with any technical problems immediately. Great for keeping distance learning devices running smoothly.

MSP Break-Fix Services
Remotely access your managed devices anytime for maintenance and support. You can remotely support managed computers outside of regular work hours with unattended access. And MSPs can provide immediate remote support to customer devices, even personal devices or other unmanaged devices.


  • Easy to use – Instruct your end-user to download the SOS app, run it to get a unique session code, and then give you that code so you can use it to launch the remote connection to their device.
  • Support your users no matter what device they have – Support any computer, tablet, or mobile device that your end-user may have.
  • Fix issues sooner than later – Use Splashtop to give your entire organization remote access to their work desktops so they can work remotely

Splashtop products that support Attended Access

Attended remote access is available in the following Splashtop solutions:

Remote support software for IT, support, and help desks.
Remote Support
Remote support and endpoint management software for MSPs.
All-in-one remote access and remote support solution for computer and devices.
On-premise remote access and remote support software.

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Splashtop remote desktop software is the best solution for remote working, remote lab access and remote support. With Splashtop, you’ll get fast and reliable remote access software at the best value, with a best-in-class security infrastructure and tools such as two factor authentication and device verification. Great for individual users, small teams, and entire organizations / schools.

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