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IT pro checking logs with Splashtop

Remote Desktop Logs in Splashtop

Check logs for remote desktop connections, file transfers, chat sessions, and other history

The logging feature for Splashtop remote access enables you to find logs for remote access sessions, chats, file transfers, and other history.

Logging makes it easier to:

  • Reach compliance when conducting audits

  • Bill customers based on time spent in working sessions

Admins and team owners will have access to the logs of everyone on the team. Members of the team will only be able to see their own logs. Logs can be viewed and exported in the Splashtop web console.

  • Session Logs

    Session logs allow you to see all remote connections. You’ll see the IP addresses of the two devices involved, start and end times, the duration of the session, the devices used, and the user involved. You’ll also see if the remote connection was local or remote (the devices were on the same network or different ones). If there were any files transferred during the session, you’ll be able to see the file name.

  • File Transfer Logs

    The file transfer logs give you more information regarding file transfers. Plus, you’ll be able see records for both in-session and off-session files transfers.The file transfer logs will show the IP addresses and names of the devices involved, the time the transfer took place, which user was involved, and the name and size of the file. The logs will also show if the file was transferred from the local device to the remote one (upload), or if it was transferred from the remote device to the local one (download).These logs do not include any contents of the files transferred.

  • Chat Session Logs

    All chat sessions, whether they occurred in-session or off-session, will be recorded in the chat session logs. The content of the chat session is not included in the log.

  • History Logs

    The history logs show any administrative actions, such as a computer being added or removed, and changes to group setting or permissions. Like with the other logs, the history log will report the time, account, and IP address of the user who took the action.

  • Event Logs

    Splashtop Remote Support gives MSPs more with events logs. For more details, see the monitoring and management features in Splashtop Remote Support.

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