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Transferring from the local computer to a remote computer via Splashtop

Remote Desktop File Transfer in Splashtop

Securely transfer files between your local device and a remote computer with ease

You’re only a few clicks away from accessing any file on your remote computer. 

Splashtop’s remote desktop file transfer feature makes it simple and easy to transfer files between computers, across a remote connection. It’s more secure than sending files via email too.  

Transfer Files via the Following Methods

  • Drag-and-Drop File Transfer

    Simply click and hold the file(s) you want to transfer, drag it from the original desktop window to the other computer’s screen and drop it to complete the file transfer. You can even transfer between Windows and Mac computers.

  • File Manager Window

    The file manager window allows you to easily navigate folders on each computer and transfer files between them. 

  • Copy and Paste File Transfer

    Copy the file to your clipboard, head to the folder on the computer you’d like to transfer it to and paste to complete the transfer. (For Windows only) 

  • Off-Session File Transfer

    Transfer files between computers without needing to launch a remote connection. 

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Business Access

Secure high-performance remote access to enable work from anywhere

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For IT, Support, and Help Desks


Attended and unattended remote support solution

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Remote Support

Remote access and support plus endpoint monitoring and management

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Remote access and support to meet your advanced business and security needs

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Self-hosted remote access and support to meet your security and compliance requirements


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