Remote Desktop Audio with Splashtop

Hear audio from the remote computer during a remote access session

During remote access sessions, you’ll be able to hear the remote computer sound on your local computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Splashtop gives you high quality audio from the remote PC. With this feature, you can remotely access Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications or other creative tools that utilize sound to work from home or remotely from anywhere else.


  • Feel as if you were in front of the remote computer – By being able to hear the sound coming from the remote computer in real time, you’ll truly feel you were using the computer in-person. You can watch videos and listen to music.
  • Edit videos remotely – Video editing professionals love using Splashtop to work remotely. Access your computer from another device and edit your videos easily by taking control of the remote computer and hearing the sound.
  • Lip sync videos – Splashtop’s fast, high performance remote desktop connections with 4K streaming and low latency make it easy for you to sync the audio to your video while working remotely.
  • Mac remote desktop audio support – Most remote desktop products don’t support remote audio when accessing Mac computers. On the other hand, Splashtop supports Mac remote desktop audio.

Splashtop Solution that Support Audio

Remote desktop audio is available in the following Splashtop solutions:

Business Access
Remote computer access for businesses, teams, and individuals.
Remote support software for IT, support, and help desks.
Remote Support
Remote support and endpoint management software for MSPs.
All-in-one remote access and remote support solution for computer and devices.
On-premise remote access and remote support software.

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About Splashtop

Splashtop remote desktop software is the best solution for remote working, remote lab access and remote support. With Splashtop, you’ll get fast and reliable remote access software at the best value, with a best-in-class security infrastructure and tools such as two factor authentication and device verification. Great for individual users, small teams, and entire organizations / schools.

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