Schedule Remote Computer Access using Splashtop

For students to remotely access on-campus computers during scheduled time slots

With Splashtop, educational institutions can schedule not only open lab hours but also specialized lab sessions enabling different groups of students to remotely access the same computer lab for their coursework.

With Splashtop’s ability to schedule remote access, IT admins of educational institutions can:

  • Use a centralized admin console to set up, manage, and monitor a schedule that allows individual or groups of students to access permitted on-site computer resources at pre-determined time slots.
  • Use flexible settings like the ability to force users to disconnect from the remote computers when scheduled time is over, notifying users before the scheduled time is up, and other features make scheduling remote access sessions using Splashtop easy and effective.
Scheduled Access Menu Screenshot
Centralized my.splashtop console to set up and manage scheduled access

Schedule remote access with Splashtop for Remote Labs

  • Splashtop for Remote Labs

  • Solutions specifically designed for scheduling student access to shared lab computers
  • Pricing is based on the number of concurrent user licenses. Pay only for the number of simultaneously active students accessing lab computers, and not the total number of students
  • Our team can schedule a demo and assist in configuring a solution
  • If you want to try remote access for two users, try Splashtop Business Access