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What is Remote Support? Support Desktops & Mobile Devices

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What is Remote Support Software?
What is Remote Support Software?

Remote support software has revolutionized the IT support industry. IT, service desk, MSP, and help desk professionals have all enjoyed many benefits from using a remote support tool, including improved customer satisfaction, quicker turnaround times, and even reduced costs.

So what exactly is remote support software? How does it work? And what is the best solution for your organization? Read on to get all the answers you need.

What is Remote Support?

  • Remote support software enables IT technicians to access another computer or device remotely to provide support. The remote connection allows the technician to see the screen of the remote device on their own screen in real-time, and in most cases be able to take control of the remote device to troubleshoot issues and perform other tasks.

The #1 Remote Support Software
The #1 Remote Support Software

Remote support leverages remote access (or remote desktop) software to give the technician instant access to the remote device from anywhere, at any time. This means that they can provide remote assistance without having to travel to the device.

While in a remote session, the technician can take control of the device and perform whatever task is needed. They can install updates, resolve issues, and perform maintenance. Most remote support solutions come equipped additional features that help IT pros be more productive while providing remote support. Examples include file transfer, remote print, chat, session recording, screen sharing, and more.

By being able to remotely access a device to provide support, IT support teams, help desks, and managed service providers can resolve support tickets quicker. This means they can save time and get more done throughout the day. End-users receiving support enjoy faster service which leads to increased satisfaction.

Types of Remote Support Software

Remote support software can generally be sorted into two categories:

  • Unattended remote support

  • Attended remote support

The difference between attended vs unattended is determined by whether an end-user is present on the remote device while the IT technician is providing remote assistance. The functionality of each type of solution differs as well.

Unattended Remote Support

Unattended access means the technician can remotely connect to the endpoint device even without an end-user present. Remote support platforms make this possible by having the IT team deploy an agent app on all the computers they manage. Once the agent is installed, a member of the IT team can to connect to the remote computer they want to access.

By having the agent installed on the remote computer, IT technicians are able to remotely access the computers at any time, with or without someone actively using the computer. This makes it possible to support computers outside of regular office hours or when the endpoint is not in use.

Attended Remote Support

Also known as on-demand support, or ad-hoc support, attended support allows technicians to access a device the moment the end-user requests assistance. Once connected, the technician can provide support to resolve the issue.

Unlike with unattended access, there is not prior setup necessary for attended access. Because an end-user is present, they are able to help the technician establish a remote connection to their device. This can be done a variety of ways, but a common method is to have the end-user run the remote support tool’s app to generate a unique session code, which the user gives to the technician so they can connect to the device and take control.

Attended access enables help desk professionals to provide support to any device as long as the end-user is present. This means they can remotely support managed devices as well as personal devices.

What is the Best Remote Support Software for You?

Your use case will determine what type of solution you need. Here are the top remote support software tools by Splashtop, the leader in reliable and secure remote support solutions at the best value.

  • For MSPs – Splashtop Remote Support

  • For IT & help desks – Splashtop SOS

  • For Enterprises – Splashtop Enterprise

Best Remote Support Software for MSPs – Splashtop Remote Support

Splashtop Remote Support is primarily an unattended support solution, with additional remote monitoring and management features that are essential to MSPs. This is the ideal remote support tool for MSPs because:

  • You’ll only pay for the number of unattended devices you want to support. Unlimited technicians

  • No forced upgrades or price increases

  • Easy deployment and easy to scale

  • Remote access from any device (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook)

  • Fast connections powered by a high performance engine

  • Robust security and end-to-end encryption to keep all sessions safe

  • User and computer management console where you can manage groups, add admins, set permissions, and more

  • Useful features such as file transfer, remote print, chat, remote wake, and more

  • Additional monitoring and management features such as event logs, remote command, 1-to-many actions, configurable alerts, and more

Learn more about Splashtop Remote Support and try it for free today!

Best Remote Support Software for IT & Help Desks – Splashtop SOS

Splashtop SOS is a high performing solution that allows technicians to connect to their user’s devices with just a 9-digit session code. When a user needs support, they can generate the code fast with the SOS app and give it to the technician over the phone, email, text, or chat. The technician can then connect to the device and provide the necessary support.

Splashtop SOS is an ideal solution for IT and service desks because:

  • You can provide support to unlimited devices, including computers, tablets, and mobile devices

  • Support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices (iOS is remote-view only)

  • Fast connections powered by a high performing engine

  • Robust security encryption to keep all sessions safe

  • Custom branding of the SOS app.

  • Useful features such as file transfer, chat, screen sharing, and more

  • Can add unattended access to up to an unlimited number of computers

Learn more about Splashtop SOS and try it for free.

Best Remote Support Software for Enterprises – Splashtop Enterprise

Splashtop Enterprise is an all-in-one remote access and remote support solution. With it, your IT team can remotely support your devices with unattended remote access. Plus, you can enable your internal users to remotely access their office computers for remote work and work from home purposes.

Splashtop Enterprise is ideal because:

  • You’ll get one solution that solves all your remote access needs

  • SSO/SAML (single sign-on) integration available

  • Both unattended and attended access capabilities available

  • Easy to deploy and scale. Highly secure with end-to-end encryption and advanced security features

  • On-premise option available

Learn more about Splashtop Enterprise, and get in contact with us to find out more!

Wrapping up

Splashtop has been in the remote access industry for over a decade, with a focus on making remote access and remote support reliable, accessible, and secure at the best value. That’s why over 30 million people use Splashtop, and why Splashtop solutions are consistently rated as the best remote access and remote support tools by third-parties and peer-to-peer review sites.

See all Splashtop solutions.

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