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Splashtop Enterprise is a best-value, enterprise-class remote computer access solution and remote support tool. Use unattended anytime computer access to enable employees and students to work from home or IT to manage computers and provide support. Splashtop Enterprise also includes on-demand quick support tools for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android devices plus real time iOS remote screen viewing, SSO/SAML integration, and remote computer management capabilities.

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Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Labs enables educational institutions to schedule and manage remote access to lab computers, and enables IT to remotely support student and faculty devices.

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All-in-One Remote Access and Remote Support Software Solution

Configure a plan to match your needs by combining any number of remote access end-user and remote support technician licenses.

Remote Access Remote Support

Remote Access

Enable employees to access work computers from any other computer or mobile device, at any time

  • High-performance with low latency enable productive remote work
  • Grouping capabilities and granular permissions allow IT teams to effectively and securely manage remote access for large teams
  • A centralized management console enables easy and effective management of users, permissions, and devices
  • Schedule timeslots to limit access to work computers after work hours
  • Licensed per named user
  • Safe, secure, and faster performance than VPN

See all remote access features for end-user licenses

Remote Support

Enable IT and helpdesk teams to remotely support and manage computers and mobile devices

  • In addition to managing employee remote access, IT teams can provide anytime/unattended support to computers with remote computer management tools
  • IT can also provide helpdesk support to employees with on-demand access to their computers and mobile devices
  • Integrate on-demand remote access with ticketing and PSA systems, and thereby with your current ITSM framework
  • Licensed per concurrent technician

See all remote support features for technician licenses (in addition to remote access features)

Unbeatable Price

Guaranteed savings when you choose Splashtop Enterprise over BeyondTrust Remote Support (formerly Bomgar)

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Upgrade to Enterprise to get remote access and remote support with flexible end-user and technician licensing, and many more additional features.​


Available with end-user and technician licenses
Remote Computer Access

Remote control Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from any computer or mobile device. Also access virtual machines and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, Windows, AWS, Azure, and others, all from the same application.

High Performance

High Performance
Splashtop Enterprise uses the same high-performance engine that powers our award-winning consumer and mid-market products used by millions. HD quality, fast connections in real-time, and multiple concurrent sessions.

Broad Device Support

Broad Device Support
Access and support your Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices from any other Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS device. Access and support your IoT devices including kiosks, point of sale (POS), and more.

Robust Security

All remote sessions are protected by security features including TLS and 256-bit AES encryption, device authentication and two-step verification. Connections, file transfers, and management events are logged. Learn more about SOC 2, GDPR, and HIPAA standards compliance.

SSO/SAML Integration

SSO/SAML Integration
Authenticate through SSO / SAML.
Support available for Okta, Azure AD, ADFS, JumpCloud, OneLogin, Workspace ONE, G-Suite, and TrustLogin.

Scheduled Access Module

Scheduled Access Module
IT admins can schedule times for when individuals or group of users can have access to computers. (Optional feature)

User Management

User Management
Invite users and set their roles and access permissions.

Group-based Access Permissions

Group-based Access Permissions
IT admins can create user and computer groups where access can be assigned by user or group, rather than assigning access permissions at individual computer level.

Granular Permissions

Granular Permissions
IT admins can provide granular role-based permissions (for remote disconnect, remote reboot, remote Streamer restart, and concurrent remote sessions) and user/user group-based permissions (for attended access, file transfer, remote print, copy-paste, 1-to-many scripting, and 2FA enforcement).

Automatic User Provisioning

Automatic User Provisioning
Through the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), IT admins can auto-provision Single Sign-On accounts in Splashtop. As part of the provisioning, they can also auto-configure grouping of the Single Sign-On accounts. Currently available through Azure AD.

Multi-to-Multi Monitor

Multi-to-Multi Monitor
View multiple remote screens from multi-monitor systems at the same time, including multi-to-one and multi-to-multi. Even multi-monitor for Mac!

Two users into one computer

Two users into one computer
Two members of a team can remotely access a computer at the same time. Requires 2 technician licenses.

File Transfer

File Transfer
Transfer files quickly thanks to our fast and secure connections. You can drag-and-drop files between computers and also transfer files without starting a remote session!


Chat with the user at the remote computer while in a session or outside a session.

Share My Desktop

Share My Desktop
Broadcast your Windows desktop in view-only mode via a simple web link that can be viewed in almost any web browser. No app download or plug-in required.

Remote Reboot

Remote Reboot
Reboot the remote computer from your Splashtop app or web console. Choose Normal or Safe Mode reboot.

Session Recording

Session Recording
Record remote access sessions. Use the Screen Recording button in your remote access window to start and stop recording. All recordings are saved to your local computer.

View Only Mode

Select “View Only” in the session toolbar during a remote access session to only view activity on the computer but not remotely control it.

Microphone Passthrough

Transmit input via your local microphone to the remote computer as the microphone input (Windows only).


Redirect a USB device (smart card reader, security key, stylus/HID device, or printer) on your local computer to the remote computer. The redirected device works on the remote computer as if it’s plugged in directly at that computer (Windows only).


Purchase, deploy and manage Bitdefender Antimalware Security Tools on your managed computers from within Splashtop Enterprise. View protection status, last scan time, threat count, and more. Low monthly pricing. Learn More.

Splashtop Connector

Securely bridge RDP connections to Windows computers and servers through Splashtop without using VPN or installing any remote access agent. Available on request. Contact sales for more information. Learn more.

Access Control with IP Restriction

Restrict access based on user IP. Available on request. Contact sales for more information.

SIEM Integration

Export log data to a security information and events management (SIEM) system to retrieve and analyze. Available on request. Contact sales for more information.


Remote Control
Unattended Remote Access & Control

Get unattended, anytime remote access into Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and VMs. Use the computer remotely just as if you were sitting in front of it.

Attended Performance
Attended Remote Access & Control

Get attended on-demand access to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices and VMs with a 9-digit access code.

Unattended IoT

Remotely access and manage unattended IoT, POS terminals and Android endpoints. Support available for Zebra, Honeywell, Panasonic, and many more.

Remote Computer Management
Remote Computer Management

Send commands to an unattended remote computer’s command prompt in the background, view Windows event logs, system/hardware/software inventory, endpoint security, and manage Windows Updates.

Configurable Alerts

Set up alerts to monitor computer status, software installation, memory usage, Windows event logs, and more. Receive alerts via the Splashtop web console and/or by email.

1-to-Many Actions

Simplify endpoint management by instantly executing or scheduling tasks to multiple endpoints simultaneously which includes features like mass deployment, remote command, file transfers, script execution, system reboot, and windows updates. Available for Windows and Mac.

Support Mobile Devices
Support Mobile Devices

Remotely view your customers’ iOS (11 or later) and Android (5 or later) phones and tablets to resolve issues quickly, Remotely control Android devices.

Custom Branding
Custom Branding

Customize the SOS app that your customers download with your own logo, color, instructions, and company name. Learn more

Integration with PSA & Ticketing
Integration with Ticketing & ITSM

Splashtop Enterprise integrates with leading PSA ticketing and ITSM solutions including Autotask PSA, ServiceNow, Freshservice, Zendesk, Spiceworks Help Desk, Jira and Microsoft Teams. Get easy access to starting a remote support session.

Elevate to admin
Elevate to admin

When accessing a Windows standard user session, you can elevate the session privilege to admin to interact with UAC and perform all the admin-level operations.

Improved On-Demand Support Workflow
Improved On-Demand Support Workflow

Generate a support link and send it to the end-user to download and run the SOS app. There is no longer the need for the end-user to pass the session code back. Additionally, technicians can see and work off of a support queue that shows the support requests assigned to them, and their status.

Support Channels and Technician Management
Support Channels and Technician Management

Create support ‘channels’, group technicians, and assign roles and granular session management privileges. Technicians can easily transfer a support session and invite multiple technicians to join the session.

In-Session Voice Call
In-Session Voice Call

Initiate a voice call to the end-user during the remote access session.

SOS Call
SOS Call

End-users can request a support session through the SOS Call app. The session will be added to the channel’s support queue.

Splashtop AR
Splashtop AR

Connect to off-site locations and resolve issues live with camera sharing and AR annotations. Available as an add-on. Contact sales for more information.

Security is Our Priority

Over 200,000 businesses and 30 million end users around the world, including large banks, law enforcement, government agencies, local governments, and government contractors securely use Splashtop.


Our cloud infrastructure is hosted on AWS to provide a secure network and computing environment with firewalls, data encryption and DDoS mitigation.

Intrusion PreventionIntrusion Prevention

We have 24×7 intrusion detection and defense mechanisms and have adopted industry best practices to ensure security is enforced and instances are fortified.


We provide multiple levels of protection, including device authentication, two-factor verification and protection with TLS (including TLS 1.2) and 256-bit AES encryption.


With Splashtop you also get multi-level password security, blank screen, screen auto-lock, session idle timeout, remote connection notification, and much more!

Read more about Splashtop remote access security
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About Splashtop

Headquartered in San Jose, California and founded in 2006. Splashtop delivers the best-value remote access, remote support, and screen mirroring solutions. Splashtop remote access solutions are used by more than 200,000 businesses and more than 30 million users for more than 800 million sessions.

Why are our prices so low?

Splashtop is committed to providing the best value in remote computer access at prices up to 80% less than the competition. We do it with a hardworking team and our solutions cost less because we spend less on marketing and rely on our happy customers to help spread the word. Thanks for your support.