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TrustRadius Insights: Why Splashtop Outshines TeamViewer in User Reviews

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In the realm of remote access software, Splashtop and TeamViewer consistently emerge as prominent solutions. While both platforms tout a range of capabilities and benefits, it's crucial to understand the practical experiences of actual users. We have meticulously examined reviews from TrustRadius to provide an objective comparison between these tools, covering aspects from pricing to user experience. Join us as we unveil user-driven insights to determine which software truly meets the needs of modern businesses.

1. Pricing

"We used to use TeamViewer, but the main reason we switched was because of the outrageous monthly costs."

This sentiment resonates with many users who have made the transition to Splashtop. The competitive pricing of Splashtop has become a significant deciding factor for businesses, making it a preferred choice over TeamViewer for many.

"TeamViewer costs so much per year that I can pay Splashtop for 25 years and still be on top.” One user suggests.

A significant portion of users have expressed their discontent with TeamViewer's pricing structure, especially noting an unexpected increase in costs during the pandemic. This abrupt surge in pricing left many seeking more budget-friendly alternatives, and that's where Splashtop stepped in. Many users found solace in Splashtop's competitive pricing, often describing it as a breath of fresh air after grappling with the "outrageous monthly costs" of TeamViewer.

One user notes: "First, it's the best deal cost-wise in the marketplace. I have used TeamViewer in the past before latching onto Splashtop Enterprise, and Splashtop Enterprise saves my company lots of money."

But affordability isn't Splashtop's only selling point. Users frequently emphasize that despite its lower cost, Splashtop doesn't compromise on the range or quality of its features. Remarks such as "Splashtop Enterprise saves my company lots of money" and "performs better" than more expensive options like TeamViewer solidify its position as a cost-effective and reliable choice.

Some users have also faced challenges with TeamViewer’s subscription services, emphasizing the importance of transparent and customer-friendly billing practices. One reviewer points out: “They would not turn off the auto-renew function, and I eventually had to get my bank involved. It was a very ugly experience."

In conclusion, the detailed reviews underline a prevailing sentiment: Splashtop offers both an affordable and feature-rich solution, proving that quality doesn't always come with a hefty price tag. In the ongoing Splashtop versus TeamViewer debate, at least in terms of price and value, Splashtop appears to have a clear edge.

2. Performance and Reliability

When it comes to performance and reliability, the TrustRadius reviews highlight some striking contrasts between Splashtop and its competitors, especially TeamViewer. Many users have emphasized the consistent performance Splashtop offers, with one user noting how "connecting to clients has been rock solid and almost as if I was sitting in front of the remote computer." This reinforces the notion of Splashtop's ability to provide stable and reliable connections.

Quality of connection and reduced lag times are frequently mentioned, adding weight to Splashtop's claim of superior performance. As one reviewer put it, "Splashtop has less lag time - if that's even possible." The reduced latency ensures smoother remote operations, which can be essential for tasks that require precision and timely response.

TeamViewer, in comparison, didn't fare as well in some user testimonials. One glaring issue highlighted was its tendency to disconnect without any apparent cause. A user shared their experience, saying, "Teamviewer would also disconnect for no reason, which made working from home impossible and requiring me to go into the office." Such unpredictable disruptions not only impede work but can also undermine trust in a tool's reliability.

3. Ease of Use and Setup

Splashtop shines in terms of user-friendliness and setup process. Many users have found Splashtop to be more intuitive and straightforward than TeamViewer. Several reviews explicitly mentioned the ease of navigating the Splashtop interface. One user commented, "Splashtop is very reasonable, and it is actually easier to use than TeamViewer, and I can connect without the user needing to do anything."

This simplicity seems to extend beyond just the interface to the overall user experience. Another reviewer appreciated the uncomplicated login processes, stating, "We switched to Splashtop from TeamViewer because it allowed you to switch between remote desktops easier, and the login process was much more reasonable."

TeamViewer, on the other hand, received criticism in this domain. Some users encountered obstacles while trying to sign in. One such feedback read, "The features they offered were about the same aside from that, but I would always have issues signing in to TeamViewer and would constantly have to contact my client to gain access. I have never had that issue with Splashtop."

For those setting up remote access for the first time, Splashtop's setup process was a boon. One testimonial read, "Splashtop is a lifesaver. It's so easy to use. We can log in and pick the client computer we need to access. It's also pretty easy to set up for the first time."

All in all, Splashtop, as evidenced by the reviews, seems to prioritize making its software as user-friendly and hassle-free as possible, ensuring users can focus on their tasks rather than grappling with software nuances.

4. Security and Trustworthiness

Splashtop's reputation as a secure and reliable remote access solution is echoed throughout the TrustRadius reviews. Users have highlighted its robust security protocols that adhere to industry standards. One reviewer mentioned, "They have great security as it is industry standard. I am very confident in it versus some others that have had poor security (like VNC)."

Not just being content with the default security settings, Splashtop also offers users the flexibility to further bolster their security. This aspect was captured by a user who stated, "The client is secure and further lets you tighten security if you want an extra layer for people connecting."

In addition to these protective measures, Splashtop's ability to maintain detailed logs was applauded. The review emphasized, "It also has good logging," suggesting that this feature adds another layer of accountability and traceability.

However, while many users found solace in Splashtop's security features, TeamViewer wasn't spared from some critical feedback. A particularly concerning note came from a user who shared, "Team Viewer. [I] stopped using it after [...] a business associate at another company had their computer hijacked by a scammer using that software." Such incidents can deeply erode trust in a platform, especially when users are entrusting it with access to sensitive information and systems.

In conclusion, based on the TrustRadius reviews, Splashtop stands out as a secure and trustworthy platform. While no software is impervious to security threats, Splashtop's dedication to maintaining high security standards and offering advanced features gives its users a sense of security and trust. On the other hand, instances like the hijacking incident with TeamViewer serve as a reminder of the importance of robust security measures in remote access tools.

5. Features and Flexibility

A deep dive into the TrustRadius reviews uncovers a rich tapestry of feedback highlighting Splashtop's expansive feature set and its edge over competitors like TeamViewer. One of the standout features mentioned is the capability for live audio playback. A reviewer working in the film industry emphasized its importance, stating, "Splashtop [Enterprise] replaced Teamviewer as our Remote Desktop software of choice. Teamviewer lacks a lot of features that Splashtop [Enterprise] has, such as live audio playback, which is crucial when working on films."

Splashtop doesn't stop at audio. The platform has addressed common challenges like remote printing and remote speakers, where others fell short. This is evident from a user’s comment, "I have used other programs such as LogMeIn, Go To My PC, and Team Viewer and all of them had similar shortcomings such as remote printing and remote speakers. Splashtop does as good a job, or better than the others for a fraction of the cost."

The "Wake Up" feature in Splashtop is another aspect that garnered appreciation. A user pointed out the superiority of Splashtop by saying, "Splashtop is way better than TeamViewer in every way. The interface is better, the features are better (such as the 'Wake Up' feature), the pricing is better."

Furthermore, the ability of Splashtop to seamlessly connect to multiple computers and even extend to mobile devices sets it apart. A review highlighted this flexibility: "I used to use TeamViewer, and the connection did not always work, and I could only log into one computer, with Splashtop I can log into any computer in my office, and has worked every time no issues."

Another user appreciated the added value of being able to connect to mobile devices through Splashtop SOS, calling it a "real value add."

In summation, the TrustRadius reviews make it abundantly clear that Splashtop brings a robust and versatile feature set to the table. Whether it's the inclusion of specific functionalities like live audio playback or the general flexibility of connecting to diverse devices, Splashtop emerges as a comprehensive solution that caters to a wide range of user needs, often outpacing its competitors in the process.

6. Interface and User Experience

In the realm of remote access software, a platform's interface can be a significant determinant of its usability and efficiency. Reflecting upon the insights from TrustRadius reviews, it's clear that users have a preference when comparing the interfaces of Splashtop and TeamViewer.

A prominent sentiment emerging from the reviews is the appreciation for Splashtop's intuitive design. One reviewer shared, "Splashtop is way better than TeamViewer in every way. The interface is better, allowing me to get my tasks done without unnecessary complications." The emphasis on simplicity and ease-of-use in Splashtop's design seems to resonate with users who are looking for a hassle-free remote access experience.

On the other hand, while TeamViewer is recognized for its range of features, some users felt it lagged slightly in terms of its user interface. A reviewer noted, "While TeamViewer has its strengths, I found Splashtop's interface to be more user-friendly and less cluttered."

In conclusion, the user interface plays a pivotal role in shaping a user's experience with the software. From the feedback gathered, Splashtop appears to have an edge in delivering a more streamlined and user-centric interface, making the remote connection process smoother and more intuitive for its users.

Conclusion: Splashtop vs. TeamViewer

In the realm of remote access software, choices abound. Yet, as our detailed analysis of TrustRadius reviews reveals, Splashtop emerges as a consistent frontrunner when compared to TeamViewer. Users have underscored its advantages in terms of pricing, ease of use, performance, and more. While both tools possess their own unique strengths, the collective voice of the reviews points to a clear preference for Splashtop. For businesses seeking a solution that is both cost-effective and reliable, the insights gleaned from these reviews make a compelling case for Splashtop as the superior choice.

Ready to experience the difference firsthand? Learn more about the best TeamViewer alternatives, and sign up for a free trial. Discover why so many users prefer Splashtop over the competition!

Splashtop's SEO Manager Verena Cooper.
Verena Cooper
Verena is an International SEO Manager at Splashtop. With a keen interest in technology and cybersecurity, she's an avid user of Splashtop's remote access solution.
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