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Remote Printing with Splashtop

By Splashtop Team


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How to print anything from your remote computer onto your local printer with Splashtop’s remote desktop access solutions.

Have you ever forgotten to print something important only to remember it at the last second when you’re away from your computer? With Splashtop’s Remote Print feature, you’ll never have to worry about that again.

There’s no need to hurry back to your computer to print, or to email documents over from one computer to another.

Splashtop’s remote desktop access solutions enable you to remote into your computer from anywhere. With our Remote Print feature, you’ll be able print anything from the remote computer that you’re accessing onto your local printer.

Which Splashtop Solutions Include Remote Printing?

The Remote Print feature is available in Splashtop Business Access (Pro package) and Splashtop Remote Support (Plus and Premium packages).

Splashtop Business Access is the ideal solution for business professionals and teams needing to access their work computers remotely. With Remote Print, you can remote into your work computer while you’re away and print anything from it to a local printer.

Splashtop Remote Support is ideal for IT professionals who need to provide remote support to several computers. Splashtop Remote Support lets you grant remote access to users so they can access their computers while they’re away. With the Plus and Premium packages of Splashtop Remote Support, your users will be able to take advantage of the Remote Print feature and use it in the same way that Splashtop Business Access users would.

How Can I Remote Print With Splashtop?

Splashtop’s Remote Print feature lets you print documents from a remote Mac or Windows computer. You can access from either a Mac or Windows computer as well.

Once you have Splashtop Business Access or Remote Support in place, download the Splashtop Streamer onto the computer you want to remote to (you’ll need to do this to be able to remotely access the device).

After it’s installed, open the streamer settings and click on the “Install Printer Driver” button. After that, you’ll be ready to access that computer and begin remote printing anything you need!

When you remote into the computer from another device, you can open any application and choose to print it as you normally would. When the printer dialog box opens, select the option that says “Splashtop Remote Printer”.

Once you do that, a print dialog box will open on your local computer and will automatically find all printers available to your local computer. Select your desired printer and that’s it! From there your files will print on your local computer.

Read more about how to remote print with Splashtop.

In addition to printing remotely, Splashtop Business Access and Splashtop Remote Support offer several top remote access features for any business professional or IT technician. Start your free trial of either and discover how Splashtop can make your life easier.

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