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Why Splashtop is the Best Back to My Mac Alternative

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With Apple ending its support of Back to My Mac, make sure you get the best replacement software for file transfer and remote access to your Mac. Here are the reasons why Splashtop is the best Back to My Mac replacement, and how you can get started in no time.

Released in 2007, Back to My Mac was a free feature that enabled a personal user to set up a network of their own Mac computers that they’d be able to access remotely. As long as each Mac computer was using the same iCloud account, the user would be able to remote access one of their Macs from another and take control. They could also transfer files between Macs.

However, with Apple’s release of macOS Mojave coming up, Mac users were surprised to just recently learn that Back to My Mac will no longer be available, forcing users to find another way to remotely access their Mac computers.

If you’re looking for a Back to My Mac replacement, join the 30 million other people around the world who use Splashtop to remotely access their Macs (and Windows computers too)!

Why You Should Choose Splashtop to Replace Back to My Mac

If you want fast remote access, file transfer capabilities, and don’t want to spend a fortune, then Splashtop Business Access is your best bet. Splashtop is highly rated and lower priced than other remote access products. Here are the reasons why you should try Splashtop today:

You’ll have the fastest, most reliable remote access tool

Splashtop is powered by an award-winning remote access engine that gives you fast connections in real-time, with HD quality and sound. When comparing iTunes reviews between Splashtop Business and Apple Remote Desktop, Splashtop has earned far better reviews.

You can do more than just transfer files. Remote print, chat, share your screen via web link, and more

Splashtop gives you more features than just remote access and file transfer. With additional productivity features, you can complete any task with ease.

Not just for Macs. You can access your Windows and Mac computers from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device

Want to access your Mac, but only have your smartphone or tablet on you? No problem! With Splashtop, you can access your Windows and Mac computers from an unlimited number of other computer, tablet, or smartphone devices.

You’ll have the best price full-featured remote access solution

Splashtop Business Access starts at just $5/month. Compared to other remote access products with the same top features, Splashtop costs up to 80% less!

You can try it for free for 7 days

Unsure if Splashtop will be right for you? Then give it a try with our free 7-day trial. No credit cards, and no obligations! Have full access to Splashtop Business Access Pro for a week to experience why 30 million others already use it today.

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