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Remote Access Insights

Best Remote PC Access Software 2023: Based On Your Use Case

By Splashtop Team
6 minute read


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There are many remote PC apps out there, but the right one for you could depend on why you need remote access in the first place. Find out which solution is best for you!

Remote PC access software, also known as remote desktop or just remote access, lets you remotely control a computer or device from another device. You’ll see the screen of the remote device and be able to control it as if you were using it in-person.

There could be several reasons why you need remote access. Perhaps you need to access your computer while traveling, provide support to your users, or you need to enable your coworkers/students to work remotely.

Whatever the use case, you should choose the remote access solution that is best catered to your needs. Here are the best remote PC access solutions of 2023 per each common use case.

Use Cases

  • Best for working remotely (individuals and small teams) - Splashtop Business Access

  • Best for working remotely (enterprises and organizations) - Splashtop Enterprise

  • Best for IT / help desk remote support - Splashtop SOS

  • Best for MSP remote management and support - Splashtop Remote Support

Best for Working Remotely (Individuals and Small Teams)

Working remotely can open many doors in terms of flexibility and productivity. But it can be challenge if you’re unable to use your computer in-person. What if you need to access a certain file, or run an app that’s only available on one of your desktops that you can’t physically take with you? That’s where remote access comes in.

When looking at features, pricing, security, and remote connection speeds, there’s no better solution than Splashtop Business Access.

In addition to enabling you to securely control your remote computers from another computer, tablet, or mobile device, Splashtop Business Access also has a wide range of features geared towards helping you be productive while in a remote session. You can file transfer between devices, remotely print documents from the remote computer to a local printer, view multiple monitors at once, and more.

Key Details

  • Website:

  • Price: Starts at $5/month

  • Supported Devices / Operating Systems

    • Remote from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device.

    • Remote into any Windows or Mac computer.

How It Compares To Alternative Solutions

Splashtop stands out with fast remote connections that provide HD quality and remote sound with minimal latency. Users can seamlessly control resource-intensive applications such as Adobe creative tools like Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro while working remotely.

When it comes to pricing, it’s not even close. Splashtop Business Access saves users hundreds of dollars when compared to other remote PC products. In fact, you could save 50% to 80% when you choose Splashtop over AnyDesk, LogMeIn Pro and GoToMyPC, or save nearly 90% on your cost when compared to TeamViewer*. And you’ll get more top features when compared to RemotePC.

Best For Working Remotely (Enterprises and Organizations)

Large organizations, including businesses and educational institutions, likely have several remote access needs. Employees need to access office computers to work from home. Students need to be able to access lab computers and other school resources remotely. IT needs to monitor managed computers, and the help desk needs to be able to remotely support any device the moment an employee, customer, or partner needs help.

For an all-in-one remote access and remote support solution, look no further than Splashtop Enterprise.

Key Details

  • Website:

  • Price: Flexible pricing based on number of remote access end-users and remote support technician licenses

  • Supported Devices / Operating Systems

    • Remote from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device.

    • Remote into any Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device.

How It Compares To Alternative Solutions

Splashtop Enterprise stands out as it delivers a ton of value to the organizations using it. In addition to offering the remote access tools for remote working and IT support, Splashtop Enterprise comes with comprehensive security features such as 2FA, authorization controls, logging, SSO integration, and more. It is also incredibly user-friendly and gives IT admins a great deal of flexibility and control in managing users and devices.

Best for IT / help desk remote support

Help desks and IT support professionals can leverage remote access technology to provide instant support to their customers. Instead of traveling to a customer to troubleshoot their device or trying to talk them through it over the phone, technicians can simply remote into the device to provide support the moment it’s needed. This greatly reduces time and costs for help desks.

Splashtop SOS is the best remote access solution for this use case.

Key Details

  • Website:

  • Price: Starts at $17/month

  • Supported Devices / Operating Systems

    • Remote from any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device.

    • Remote into any Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device.

How It Compares To Alternative Solutions

While most remote access products are designed to give you unattended remote access to a set amount of computers, Splashtop SOS gives you access to an unlimited number of devices, so you can be able to provide support to all of your users’ computers, tablets, or mobile devices, even personal devices.

Similar products, including TeamViewer*, LogMeIn Rescue, and GoToAssist, can cost 50% or more than Splashtop SOS, despite having the same features. Plus, Splashtop SOS includes access to mobile devices, while the alternatives listed above charge extra for that.

Best for MSP remote management and support

MSPs and IT teams are expected to maintain and support their clients’ computers and servers. If you fall into this category, then you need a remote PC solution that gives you access to these computers remotely at any time, even without an end user present. And you need to be able to proactively manage those computers.

Splashtop Remote Support is the best remote PC access solution because it gives you the tools needed to support all your clients’ machines at scale. You’ll be able to complete your day-to-day IT tasks with ease.

Not only will you get unlimited access to your customers’ computers, you can also work from the office or home thanks to Splashtop’s remote PC apps for computers, tablets, and mobile devices.

Key Details

  • Website:

  • Price: Starts at $40/month

  • Supported Devices / Operating Systems

    • Remote from any Windows, Mac, iOS or Android device.

    • Remote into any Windows, Mac, or Android device for unattended access.

How It Compares To Alternative Solutions

Splashtop Remote Support comes with several monitoring and management features that MSPs need to proactively support their managed endpoints. Remote monitoring and management features include configurable alerts, update management, remote command, 1-to-many actions, endpoint security, and more.

Splashtop Remote Support costs less and has the same top features found in similar products, including LogMeIn Central. In fact, you can save up to 80% with Splashtop Remote Support instead of LogMeIn Central. Plus, Splashtop won’t raise your prices yearly like LogMeIn has been known to do.


Interested in learning more about the best remote PC software for you? Check out Splashtop’s list of products so you can get started with a free trial of the solution that’s best for you:

Splashtop Remote PC Solutions

* Source: TeamViewer US web site $49/month ($588/yr) list price for Single User plan, Dec 2019.

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