Splashtop is a better, more affordable, and more universal GoToAssist alternative

Splashtop has been providing remote access and remote support solutions to over 200,000 businesses, MSP / IT, and service desks since 2010. Incorporating the latest device and cloud technologies, Splashtop runs faster, costs less, includes more features, and even enables you to access mobile devices in addition to computers so you can provide complete coverage for your clients no matter which devices they use.

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Splashtop SOS+10 package vs GoToAssist
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Remote Support Sessions
Attended Support Sessions
Unlimited sessions
Unlimited sessions
Concurrent sessions per tech
10 computers
8 computers
Unattended computer access
10* computers
*Unlimited for $34/month more
100 computers
User Management
Cross-Platform File Transfer (Drag-and-Drop)
Session Recording
Remotely access Android + iOS
2-Way Desktop Sharing
Mobile apps
Remote print

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“So far, I’ve found Splashtop to be the best value for the money for supporting my small business clients. I’ve fully switched from GoToAssist to Splashtop, primarily on price, but the big bonus is the ability to support mobile devices now!”

– David Humber, FWD Consulting

“Using it for remote support access. Much better than GoToAssist, which I was using before. As good as anything else I’ve used, and the price is great.”

– Mark Bazin, Cristo Rey Network

“Your system works much better than the one I had been using for many years, GoToAssist. Your sales and technical support people are very good to work with.”

– George Wells.