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Which TeamViewer Alternative Is Right For You?

Unlike TeamViewer, Splashtop has multiple remote access products designed for different use cases. Choose the best Splashtop solution for you and save hundreds or thousands of dollars while still getting all the features you need.

  • For Individuals and Business Professionals

    Access my computers remotely

  • Splashtop Business Access
  • Splashtop Business Access

  • Fast remote access that offers the same top features found in the TeamViewer Single User commercial plan but costs up to 75% less! Save money and get fast, secure, and reliable remote access to your computers from any device.
  • Starts at $5 / month
    Save up to 75% vs TeamViewer
  • For IT, MSPs, Support Professionals

    Access and support computers and mobile devices for my users/customers

  • Splashtop SOS
  • Splashtop SOS

  • Provide on-demand remote support (QuickSupport) to your clients’ computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Support an unlimited number of devices. Connect with a simple session code. Get the same top features at a much lower price.
  • Starts at $17 / month
    Save 50% or more vs TeamViewer

What users are saying

 “I have been in IT for 20 years and I know a good product when I find one. From a support perspective I could not have asked for a better tool. I get in and get it done. [Splashtop] is awesome and it’s reliable as all hell. After using TeamViewer this program rocks its socks off. You are reasonably priced as well, with TeamViewer wanting everything including my first born. I love the product and have recommended it to others I know in the industry.”

– Stuart Livingstone, NuWave Backup

Already Have a Teamviewer license? Get guaranteed 50% savings when you switch to Splashtop

No need to wait until your current subscription expires. Contact us at or 1-408-886-7177 and we’ll help you get an early start with Splashtop at no extra cost.

Reasons to choose splashtop

  • Full-featured remote access for home and business use
  • No session time limit
  • Flexible and easy deployment
  • Rich security features including device authentication, 2-factor authentication, access logs / alerts, and fully encrypted pipes
  • Priority support through phone + chat + email (24h)

Splashtop was founded in 2006 and serves over 20 million users and more than 500 million sessions and counting. See why thousands have switched from TeamViewer to Splashtop and get started today.

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