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Splashtop costs less and has the same top features found in LogMeIn Central

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Splashtop has the same top features as LogMeIn
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Find out why Splashtop is the best LogMeIn Central alternative

Compare Top Features Splashtop
Remote Support Plus
Remote Support Premium
Start price (25 computers)
Unattended remote support
No installation Attended (ad hoc) support
Unlimited technicians & concurrent sessions
Productivity features
(including file transfer, chat, remote print, remote wake/reboot, session recording, multi-to-multi monitor, and more)
Cross-platform file transfer (Drag-and-Drop)
User & Computer management features
(including grouping, group permissions, free secondary users, access permissions, and more)
Security features
(including deploy & manage endpoint security, two-factor authentication, 256-bit AES encryption, and more)
Windows updates Starting at extra $564/year
(Security add-on)
Configurable alerts/actions Starting at extra $564/year
(Automation add-on)
Remote command Starting at extra $564/year
(Automation add-on)
Event logs Starting at extra $540/year
(Insight add-on)
System Inventory Starting at extra $540/year
(Insight add-on)

What Users Say when switching from LogMeIn Central to Splashtop

Like many other IT professionals, I was blindsided by the LogMeIn pricing bombshell which has left me and my clients scrambling for an alternative to that, now overpriced, solution. After making do on a temporary basis with other products’ free solutions, I have finally come home to Splashtop. In addition to being easily deployed and scaled, Splashtop gives me excellent performance even over sketchy connections.”

– Micah Barham, Barham Technologies

price comparison

If you want just the Base Plan features found in LogMeIn Central, you can get all the same top features in Splashtop Remote Support Plus. Compare the pricing between LogMeIn Central Base Plan vs. Splashtop Remote Support Plus and save at least 70% when you choose Splashtop.

Number of Computers Splashtop Remote Support Plus LogMeIn Central Base Plan
25 $299 $960
50 $399 $1,236
100 $549 $1,668
250 $829 $3,480

To get all the monitoring and management features found in Splashtop Remote Support Premium, you would need to get the LogMeIn Central Base Plan, and purchase all three add-ons. Compare the price between Splashtop Remote Support Premium vs. what your cost would be with LogMeIn, and save at least 70% when you choose Splashtop.

Number of Computers Splashtop Remote Support Premium LogMeIn Central
(plus Security, Automation, and Insight add-ons)
25 $479 $2,628
50 $719 $3,288
100 $959 $5,220
250 $1,919 $10,584

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It’s easy to start saving today.
Anywhere from 70% to over 80% compared to LogMeIn.

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Strobel Case Study
Strobel Energy Group Switches from LogMeIn to Splashtop, Cuts Cost by 80 Percent: Case Study
LogMeIn has consistently increased their prices and we try not to get stuck in the rut of renewing a subscription service every year just because… We found [a vendor] had dropped LogMeIn for Splashtop due to price. We tried the software out in a free trial mode and were pleasantly surprised. Splashtop has the features we need and the price was more in line with what we would like to pay.

– Jon Quincy, IT Manager, Strobel Energy Group

Read the case study