Use Splashtop with RMMs

Splashtop technology powers the remote control function in Autotask, Naverisk, and Atera. It enables a simple, reliable, and fluid remote control, for unattended support.
(If you have one of these RMMs but also need ad hoc support, Splashtop On-Demand Support is an easy and cost-effective complement.)
Splashtop and Autotask Endpoint Management
Autotask Endpoint Management (formerly CentraStage) embeds Splashtop’s high-performance technology to power its remote control function. AEM seamlessly deploys Splashtop and launches remote control sessions directly from its console. MSPs can further complement AEM with ad hoc support (via Splashtop On-Demand Support) or end user remote access (via Splashtop Remote Support). See our support article and AEM tutorial for more details.
Splashtop and Naverisk
Naverisk has partnered with Splashtop to enable its RMM customers to access computers using Splashtop technology and infrastructure. The built-in Naverisk RC is now based on Splashtop. Additionally, MSPs can still offer remote access to their end users by subscribing to Splashtop Remote Support. It works seamlessly on top of Naverisk RMM and Naverisk RC.

Additional resources:
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Splashtop and Atera
Atera offers built-in, seamless integration of Splashtop, from a single platform, with one-click access customers’ PCs and servers from anywhere. All the Splashtop features users know and love are a single click away from within the Atera Platform. Please refer to the resources below for more details:

Splashtop support article
Atera support article

Ivanti LANDesk
Splashtop and Ivanti LANDesk
Now, LANDESK customers can reap benefits of enhanced remote support capabilities from any computer or mobile device. LANDESK customers can opt between on-premise based Splashtop Enterprise or cloud-based Splashtop business solutions depending on their needs. For more information, visit

If you are using a RMM package that does not have Splashtop built-in, but you would like to use RMM and Splashtop together more easily, please reference our support article for lightweight integration details.

You may be able to implement some of the items yourself. The other items may require changes in the RMM software.