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Our Integration Partners

Acronis Logo


Users can launch a Splashtop remote control session from within the Acronis platform, providing prompt technical assistance to end-users whenever and wherever required.

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Addigy Logo


Users can launch a Splashtop remote control session from within Addigy’s Apple device management platform, providing prompt technical assistance to end-users whenever and wherever required.

AppTec360 logo


Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) is integrated with AppTec360 MDM/MAM to support iOS remote view and Android remote control.

Atera logo


Remote control technology in Atera’s RMM solution that enables technicians to remotely access computers. Add other Splashtop solutions to leverage attended quick support.

Bitdefender Logo


Bitdefender's award-winning antimalware technology is integrated into the Splashtop console, giving IT and MSPs the ability to protect their managed computers with endpoint security technology.

Canopy logo in blue


Canopy’s RMM integration with Splashtop allows users to perform remote troubleshooting seamlessly from the Canopy platform. Canopy also supports lightweight integrations for Splashtop retail products.

Datto Logo


We provide the remote control technology in Datto RMM. Easily add other Splashtop solutions to do attended quick support.

e-Jan logo

e-Jan (Japan)

Splashtop for Cachatto—an on-premises, secure remote access solution for eJan—providing high-level of security specific to enterprises.

Freshdesk Logo


Enable remote support from within Freshdesk to quickly access and remotely control your users’ devices when it's integrated with Splashtop SOS. No prior install needed on end-user device.

FreshService Logo


Launch remote access sessions from within Freshservice tickets to provide instant support with the Splashtop SOS and Freshservice integration. All sessions are encrypted and logged in the ticket.

Good Blackberry logo

Good Technology / BlackBerry

Get fast, secure remote access with the Splashtop Business and On-Prem apps for BlackBerry devices or the Splashtop for Good app for iOS.

HaloITSM logo


Splashtop’s remote access integration provides an all-in-one ticketing and support solution with the HaloISTM integration.

Ivanti Logo


Splashtop is included in Ivanti Avalanche Smart Device Remote Control. You can also integrate Ivanti ITSM with Splashtop products for enhanced remote support capabilities.

Jamf Logo


Jamf admins can provide their team members with remote access to PCs and Macs and remotely support their users’ iOS devices.

Jira Logo


Enable your technicians to remotely access and support your end-users’ computers by launching Splashtop remote connections from within Jira.

JumpCloud logo


Authenticate and log in to Splashtop using JumpCloud’s cloud-based SSO solution. Available with our Enterprise product.

Maas360 Logo


Search Splashtop in the IBM MaaS360 Marketplace to integrate our remote access solutions with MaaS360’s MDM/ MAM security controls. Splashtop also complements MaaS360 to support iOS remote view and Android remote control.

Microsoft Active Directory Logo

Microsoft Active Directory

Splashtop On-Prem integrates with Active Directory to authenticate/authorize each user session request.

Microsoft Teams Logo

Microsoft Teams

Connect to your users’ computers right from within the Microsoft Teams chat and provide instant remote support. No prior install needed.

MobileIron Logo


Get Splashtop Business and On-Prem from the MobileIron MarketPlace for powerful, secure and fast on-premises remote access. You can also get our SOS product to support iOS remote view and Android remote control.

Naverisk logo


We provide the remote control technology in Naverisk’s RMM solution. Add other Splashtop solutions to do attended quick support.

Logo of NinjaOne


Get NinjaOne with the Splashtop add-on to provide remote support to your managed computers. To perform attended quick support, add other Splashtop solutions.

Notify MDM Logo


Splashtop is embedded inside NotifyMDM solution, enabling iOS and Android remote view and control.

OneLogin logo


Authenticate with your OneLogin credentials. Single sign-on (SSO) via OneLogin provides simple, centralized and secure authentication.

ServiceNow Logo


Connect to your users’ computers from within ServiceNow incidents by taking advantage of the integration between it and our Enterprise product.

Soliton Logo

Soliton (Japan)

Splashtop On-Prem is embedded by Soliton the SecureDesktop Appliance, delivering high-level security for government and enterprises. It also enables users to remotely control Android devices.

Spiceworks Logo


Splashtop SOS integrates with Spiceworks Help Desk, so you can easily start on-demand support sessions to your users’ computers.

Super Ops AI Logo

Launch a Splashtop remote control session from within the’s platform. This prompts technical assistance to end-users any time a problem arises.

SWIF logo


Splashtop's high-performance remote-control solution is integrated into the platform, enabling one-click remote access to Windows and Mac devices.

Syncro Logo


Launch a remote access session to your managed computers from within Syncro and SyncroMSP integration. Access your managed devices any time, even without an end-user present.

tiflux logo


TiFlux Service Desk comes fully integrated with Splashtop, giving IT support technicians instant remote access to and control of their computers.

Tokai Group Logo

Tokai (Japan)

Splashtop On-Prem is hosted by Tokai Cable and Telecom as a remote access cloud solution for small- and medium-sized businesses.


Splashtop for IoT is integrated with Yamaha’s robotic solution to enable remote monitoring, management and support.

Zebra Integration validated


Attended and unattended remote support for Zebra devices.

zendesk logo


Initiate remote access sessions from within Zendesk Support tickets to provide instant support. Connect with just a few clicks. No prior install needed on client device.

RMM Partners

If you'e using a RMM package that doesn't already have Splashtop built in, read our support article for lightweight integration details.

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