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Splashtop Classroom

Screen sharing and annotation software for teachers to engage the entire classroom

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Keep Your Students Engaged

Your screen is now on their screen. Teach from all four corners of the classroom by displaying your screen directly to the front of the classroom as well as on your students' devices. Create a virtual whiteboard space by granting permission to students to annotate directly from their own devices. You're in control and your students never have to leave their seats.

Splashtop Classroom Pricing

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Classroom Basic

$29.99 / per teacher / per year

For teachers, schools, and districts

Allows up to 3 students to connect at a time

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Classroom Plus

$99.99 / per teacher / per year

For teachers, schools, and districts

Allows up to 40 students to connect at a time

Hosted by School/District


Starting at $99.99 / per teacher / per year

Minimum of 5 licenses

For schools and districts with additional compliance and management requirements

Your IT admin deploys Splashtop Center on an internal server and provisions users with Active Directory. Additional management and security options are also available.

 Students using tablets to access computers while using Splashtop Classroom

Make Your Lessons Accessible

With Splashtop Classroom, students are able to use their own devices to participate in each lesson. This supports Individualized Education Programs (IEP) by bringing the lesson content closer to the student. Now, all students can participate in each lesson without the barrier of having to move around the classroom to learn. Additionally, Splashtop Classroom allows for sound to transfer through to their device enabling the use of headsets attached to student devices.

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Support 1:1 and BYOD Initiatives

Whether the school is providing 1:1 devices for students, or they bring their own from home, Splashtop Classroom works on iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Chromebooks, or any computer with Chrome browser.

1. Start a session and the QR code is displayed. 2. Students snap the QR code from their device. 3. Students can see the teacher's computer screen on their device.

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