Atera RMM and Splashtop Integration

Remote Access in Atera RMM

Atera RMM comes fully integrated with Splashtop to give technicians instant remote access to their managed computers. Technicians can remotely access computers right from within the Atera platform.

Splashtop – Atera Integration Demo

Atera Users Can Enable Remote Access for Customers

Atera customers can now rapidly enable their customers’ employees to work from home and remotely access their work computers. Read how you can activate and enable remote access. Provide your end-users with remote access to their own computers so you can enable them to work from home. By leveraging the existing Atera RMM agent application, you can easily setup remote access for your end-users.

Atera issued a press release to announce this new capability through the Splashtop-Atera integration.

Purchase or start a free trial of Splashtop Business Access then follow these quick steps to set your end-users up with remote access to their own machines.

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Provide On-Demand Remote Support to Additional Computers and Mobile Devices

Atera users can also launch Splashtop SOS sessions from within the Atera platform. Splashtop SOS is the easiest way to provide remote support to devices not managed in your account, including mobile devices. No prior install needed. Instantly remote into your customer’s device with a simple session code. You can use Splashtop SOS to extend your service offering with these quick support features:

  • Get quick remote access to computers and mobile devices not managed under your Atera RMM account
  • Support an unlimited number of devices
  • Launch SOS remote support sessions from within the Atera console
  • No prior install needed on end-user device. When your customer needs support, direct them to run the Splashtop SOS app (one time executable file) to generate a 9-digit code that you can use to remote in
  • Integrates with ticketing/PSA systems, including Autotask, ServiceNow, Freshservice, and Zendesk

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You can also learn more about these solutions by contacting Splashtop Sales at 1-408-886-7177 or at


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