Compare Remote Access Software

Remote access software or remote desktop software is used by individuals, IT professionals, Managed Services Providers and support organizations to remotely access computers and mobile devices. Individuals can use remote access to access their computers on-the-go. You can access your work computer from home using your home computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet and more. Remote access software enables IT professionals to remote manage and access computers in their organization to provide support. They can also create accounts for users within their organizations to access their computers remotely.

When you compare remote access software and want to choose the best, two of the top items to consider are the feature set and the price. Check out the comparisons below to assist you in evaluating Splashtop vs. the competition. You will see why Splashtop is the remote access software technology of choice for more than 20 million users.


Splashtop vs. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is the volume leader in remote desktop access, remote support and collaboration solutions. Only Splashtop On-Demand Support offers the ability to remote view iOS screens in real time – a feature not available in TeamViewer.

Splashtop vs. GoToAssist

Citrix GoToAssist is a popular remote support software solution. Splashtop’s attended and unattended support solutions provide remote support features at a lower price including remote access to mobile device screens and mobile to mobile access from Android to computers and live viewing iOS and Android screens.

Splashtop vs. LogMeIn Central

LogMeIn Central is a popular solution for remote access and user management. Users often complain of large yearly price increases and look for alternatives. LogMeIn prices also quickly rise when you want to add features like file transfer and remote sound. Splashtop provides greater value at a lower cost.

Splashtop vs. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro is one of the first names you may think of when it comes to remote access for business use but it’s very expensive. Save $189-$1,039 per year (depending on the number of computers you need to access) when you choose Splashtop Business Access instead.

Splashtop vs. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC from LogMeIn is a popular remote access solution to access your Mac or PC from anywhere. Splashtop Business Access is available at a much lower price, less than half the cost of GoToMyPC and includes features that aren’t available in the base level GoToMyPC edition.

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