Strobel Energy Group Switches from LogMeIn to Splashtop, Cuts Cost By 80 Percent: Case Study

Strobel Energy Group, one of the leading midstream EPC companies in the US, recently switched from LogMeIn Central to Splashtop Remote Support. The results are in and the switch has had a positive impact on multiple levels.

In this case study, you’ll discover the challenges Strobel Energy Group faced, and how switching to Splashtop helped them overcome those challenges with ease.

About the case study

With an IT infrastructure consisting of several virtual servers, hundreds of computers, and a work force scattered across multiple countries, the demands for Strobel Energy Group’s IT team are high. After using LogMeIn Central and having their price raised again and again, Strobel Energy Group decided to give Splashtop a try.

Splashtop Remote Support proved to perform up to the high standards that Strobel Energy Group demands. Plus, switching to Splashtop cut Strobel Energy Group’s remote support cost by over 80 percent, and gave them access to more than double the amount of devices that they originally were able to support with LogMeIn.

You can read and download the case study below:


Splashtop – Strobel Energy Group Case Study

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Strobel Energy Group’s story is nothing new. When comparing LogMeIn Central to Splashtop Remote Support there’s no doubt that Splashtop offers all the tools and features you need and at a much better value. Experience Splashtop Remote Support for yourself and start your free trial today.

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