Strobel Saves 80% By Switching from LogMeIn to Splashtop

Top remote support features at a much lower price than LogMeIn Central


Strobel Energy Group had been using LogMeIn Central to support their users and IT infrastructure which includes dozens of servers and computers that are scattered around the world. Tired of LogMeIn’s dramatic price increases, Strobel Energy Group switched to Splashtop Remote Support which offered all the tools and features they needed at a much better price.


Strobel Energy Group operates 24/7. To keep operations running smooth, they need to make sure their IT infrastructure is in top condition. With a remote support solution in hand, they’re able to remotely access and provide maintenance and support to all of the servers and devices used by their company.

In the past, Strobel Energy Group had been using LogMeIn Central to provide remote support. LogMeIn’s yearly price increases started becoming a problem though. Jon Quincy, IT Manager at Strobel Energy Group, talked about how the price increases started becoming too much:

“LogMeIn has consistently increased their prices and we try to not get stuck in the rut of renewing a subscription service every year just because,” said Quincy.

Quincy sent out to find another solution that would allow him provide best-inclass remote support, one that would allow him and his team to have fast remote access connections with all the tools needed to provide superior support, but without the high price tag.

“We continually strive to make sure we are using the right product for what we need at the best price,” Quincy said. “Our goal was for us to be able to support our users without any difficulty of connecting in and doing what needs to be done.”

Splashtop Remote Support Comes to the Rescue

Quincy soon heard from another company about how they, too, had the same issue with LogMeIn Central, and had found the perfect solution in Splashtop Remote Support.

“We are always trying to stay up on new and exciting products,” Quincy said. “A vendor of ours used Splashtop to remote into one of our systems and through the course of conversation we found they had dropped LogMeIn for Splashtop due to price.

“When compared to LogMeIn Central, Splashtop Remote Support offers the same top features that are most commonly used by IT Managers. However, Splashtop Remote Support comes at a much lower cost, and without the yearly price increases. This peaked Quincy’s interest and he decided to give it a try.

“We tried the software out in a free trial mode and were pleasantly surprised,” Quincy said. “We were also very happy working with [the Splashtop Sales Team] and the flexibility with the extensions they were able to provide on our free trial to make sure we were happy.”

Splashtop performed up to Strobel Energy Group’s high standards. The decision to switch from LogMeIn Central to Splashtop Remote Support was easy for Quincy.

“Splashtop has the features we need and the price was more in line with what we would like to pay,” said Quincy.


Quincy was able to implement Splashtop Remote Support with ease. He was able to provide the high level of support that Strobel Energy Group’s IT infrastructure needs, and the cost savings were immediately noticed. “Our renewal was going to be $6,000+ with LogMeIn, and our purchase price with Splashtop was just over $1,000,” Quincy said. “For the price we were able to jump from 100 managed computers with LogMeIn to 250 with Splashtop.” Quincy was able to cut Strobel Energy Group’s remote support cost by over 80 percent, in addition to being able to access more than double the amount of the computers he was limited with while using LogMeIn.


About Strobel Energy Group

Strobel Energy Group is an Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) company specializing in the midstream energy sector. They have supplied the energy industry with operations and facilities that move energy commodities to the market. They have worked on projects including the planning, construction, and completion of crude oil unit train loading facilities in North Dakota, Louisiana, and Texas, as well as other projects across the US.

Strobel Energy Group utilizes remote desktop management software to maintain their server infrastructure consisting of a VMWare host, several virtual servers, and about 70 users. Of their user base, 60 percent are local while 40 percent are out in the field around the United States, Mexico, Canada, and India.

About Splashtop Remote Support

Designed for MSPs, IT, and service providers to remotely support clients’ computers and servers. Includes both unattended and attended access. Better alternative to LogMeIn Central, TeamViewer, and GoToAssist. Starts at $199/year for 50 computers

  • Pay by the number of unattended (endpoint) computers per year. That’s it!
  • All packages include unlimited technicians, concurrent sessions, and devices to remote from.
  • Free secondary users — Provide or resell remote access to managed computers to your internal users or end customers.
“Splashtop has the features we need and the price was more in line with what we would like to pay.”

Results like Strobel Energy Group’s are why thousands of businesses and MSPs have already switched to Splashtop from LogMeIn. Splashtop Remote Support is the highest performing unattended remote support solution available today, and costs up to 80 percent less than competing products.

PDF Version of the Case Study

Strobel Energy Group – EPC Company
Strobel Energy Group – EPC Company