Remote Assistance for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android & Chromebook

Troubleshoot and resolve issues over a remote connection. Remotely access Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices with a session code to provide support.

Remote Assistance with Splashtop

Today, people widely use a mix of Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook devices. Therefore, it’s important that IT and help desk teams are able to provide cross platform remote assistance in order to accommodate their users..

If you’re an IT, support, or help desk professional who needs a remote assistance tool that you can use to provide support to your users, then look no further than Splashtop SOS.

Splashtop SOS for Remote Assistance

Splashtop SOS makes remote assistance to your users’ computers, tablets, and mobile devices as simple as sharing a session code. The moment your user needs help, send them a link to go to where they can get the SOS app which gives them their session code.

From there, you can use the code to launch the remote connection to their device. Remotely control Windows, Mac, and Android devices. Remotely view iOS and Chromebook device screens in real time.

Not only is it simple, but it is also powerful. Splashtop SOS includes features like screen sharing, file transfer, remote reboot and connect, session recording, multi-monitor support, chat, and user management.

Remote Assistance Security with Splashtop

You can count on Splashtop to keep your devices and data secure during remote assistance sessions. Our infrastructure is hosted on AWS with robust firewalls, data encryption, and DDoS mitigation.

Splashtop features 24×7 intrusion detection with industry-standard best practices for security enforcement. Apps are secured with device authentication, two-factor authentication, and 256-bit AES encryption.

Try Splashtop SOS for Free

With Splashtop SOS you can provide remote assistance to an unlimited number of devices. You can also add access to unattended computers and devices.

See how easy it can be to troubleshoot and resolve issues on any device over a remote connection. Remote assistance has never been easier, faster, or more secure. Start your free trial today and find out why over 30 million users trust Splashtop for their remote assistance needs.

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