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Enhance Distance Learning with Remote Desktop for Students, Faculty, and IT

Universities, colleges, schools, and districts are turning to Splashtop’s remote access solutions to solve all their biggest distance learning, remote learning, and hybrid learning needs.

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Learn more about our packages tailored to your needs for remote access to lab computers, faculty and staff remote computer access, and tools for IT and helpdesks to support users and their computers and devices

  • Remote Lab Access

  • Education Student Access
  • Enable students to remotely access lab computers from any device (including Chromebooks) so they can still use the applications they need from home.
  • Our team can assist in configuring a solution and schedule a demo
  • Solutions specifically designed for providing student access to shared lab computers
  • Active Directory / SSO Integration available
  • If you want to try remote access for two users, try Splashtop Business Access
  • Free Trial
  • Remote access to computers

  • Education Home to Office Access
  • Give faculty and staff access to their work computers from home so they can work remotely, and enable them to access student devices to provide one-on-one guidance.
  • For large deployments, our team can assist in setting up remote access and schedule a demo
  • For faculty and staff remote access
  • Cloud and On-Premise options
  • Active Directory / SSO Integration
  • If you want to try remote access for two users, try Splashtop Business Access
  • Free Trial
  • Remote Support for IT

  • Education IT Support
  • Ensure that IT can quickly access and provide remote support to any student or faculty device the moment help is needed, including computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • For Remote Support Tool Options:
  • SSO/SAML integration
  • Unattended Android access
  • Remote computer management features

The All-in-One Remote Desktop Solution for Remote Learning

Universities, colleges, and K-12 schools worldwide use Splashtop to enhance their education program by providing students and faculty members with anytime remote access to on-campus computers, and enabling IT admins to remotely support any device.

Enhance Distance Learning with Splashtop Remote Access for Students, Faculty, and IT
Enhance Distance Learning with Splashtop Remote Access for Students, Faculty, and IT
Help Students Reach Their Full Potential

Help Students Reach Their Full Potential

Access to school lab computers is an essential element of effective hybrid learning programs. Using Splashtop remote computer access you can make sure that students have equal access to computing resources from any device, any location, and at any time.

Key Benefits

  • Students will enjoy anytime high-performance remote access to powerful campus devices that run specialized software.
  • Get a greater ROI on expensive software licenses by making your lab computers available outside campus hours and to remote students.
  • Cut costs associated with buying specialized software to be installed on student devices.
  • Bridge the gap of equality and inclusion by providing anytime, anywhere access to campus computing resources from any device.

Why Splashtop

Easy Deployment

Fast & Easy Setup + Management
Get your students, faculty, and IT set up fast. Invite your users to set up their accounts and devices. Much easier to deploy and manage than a VPN. Group your users and computers. Set access permissions, and view logs for auditing.
Unbeatable Price

Save Your Budget
Save hundreds or even thousands a year with Splashtop when compare to other remote access products. Save anywhere from 50% to 80% when you choose Splashtop over TeamViewer, LogMeIn Pro, GoToMyPC, and BeyondTrust.
Enable Work From Home

Seamless User Experience
Access & control computers from any device. “With apps like Media Composer, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, there was a fear that they wouldn’t translate very well for someone working from a Chromebook and remoting in and doing heavy editing.. The feedback has been great!” – Wayne State University
Top Tools and Features

Top Tools and Features
Give users the tools they need to be productive while accessing a computer remotely. Users can transfer files, chat, record sessions, share technician desktop, and much more.
High Performance

Students and instructors will feel as if they were sitting right in front of the on-campus workstations while remoting in from their own devices. Splashtop provides 4K streaming and iMac Pro Retina 5K streaming at low latency. Read more about high performance remote access.
Secure & Compliant

Secure & Compliant
Splashtop’s secure infrastructure, intrusion prevention, and multiple features keep your data safe. Splashtop is more secure than VPN and is compatible with industry regulations and standards (including FERPA). Learn more about Splashtop’s security.

What Education Professionals Say about Splashtop

About Splashtop

Headquartered in San Jose, California and founded in 2006. Splashtop delivers the best-value remote access, remote support, and screen mirroring solutions. Splashtop remote access solutions are used by more than 200,000 businesses and more than 30 million users for more than 800 million sessions.

Why are Our Prices So Low?

Splashtop is committed to providing the best value in remote computer access at prices up to 80% less than the competition. We do it with a hardworking team and our solutions cost less because we spend less on marketing and rely on our happy customers to help spread the word. Thanks for your support.