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Understanding Splashtop’s Multilayered Approach to Security

By Jerry Hsieh
3 minute read


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As technology advances, so does the importance of ensuring the security of your data. Splashtop, a leading provider of remote access software, understands this well. At Splashtop, we have developed a security framework built upon trust, objectivity, monitoring, and privacy, committing to secure all data interactions and protect your devices.

Understanding the Core of Splashtop's Security

Splashtop employs a multilayered security approach, weaving together multiple lines of defense to ensure comprehensive protection. This approach involves encryption, user and device authentication, and numerous other security measures that work harmoniously to secure your data in Splashtop's software.

Authentication Measures

At the heart of Splashtop's security measures lies user authentication. This security protocol requires users to provide valid credentials before granting access to data or systems. For heightened security, Splashtop employs two-factor authentication (2FA), which necessitates an additional step to verify your identity.

Device authentication is another critical measure adopted by Splashtop, ensuring that a recognized and trusted device is used during the session. On top of that, Splashtop offers single sign-on (SSO) for seamless yet secure access to multiple resources. Furthermore, the session confirmation feature verifies the legitimacy of each new session, adding an extra layer of security.

Encryption in Splashtop

Encryption is the process of converting information into a coded format that can only be read by authorized parties. Splashtop leverages this crucial technology, specifically the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), to safeguard data during transmission. This ensures that every remote session is encrypted, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Additional Security Measures in Splashtop 

Beyond encryption and authentication, Splashtop incorporates several additional security measures. The session idle timeout feature automatically ends inactive sessions, thereby minimizing potential security risks. 

Splashtop also includes security features like Blank Screen and Lock Keyboard to protect your systems during remote sessions. Additionally, Splashtop champions data privacy by not storing or accessing session data. Accountability and auditing are also prioritized, with comprehensive logging and reporting features integrated into the software.  

To enhance device protection, Splashtop offers compatibility with anti-virus software (BitDefender) and includes a device/system manager to maintain the security health of your devices. 

Splashtop Technical and Organizational Measures 

Splashtop demonstrates a profound commitment to the security of personal data, implementing a range of protective measures as outlined in its Technical and Organizational Measures (TOMs)

Splashtop has comprehensive data security controls and practices rigorous change management and risk assessments. The company places emphasis on IT security policies, staff training, and uses robust encryption for user data.

Splashtop services are designed with auto-healing and auto-scaling capabilities to ensure service availability to Splashtop’s customers.

Furthermore, Splashtop maintains a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan and has designed its services for high availability. Audit logging helps track system activities, and a thorough Threat and Vulnerability Management program employing various protective tools ensures comprehensive defense against security threats.

Compliance with Global Security Standards

In addition to these measures, Splashtop complies with global security standards, including SOC 2 Type II – a broad standard common to the Trust Service Criteria. These compliances serve as a testament to Splashtop's commitment to secure practices, also helping organizations align with their compliance requirements.

Ensuring Security on the User's Part

Users too play a critical role in maintaining security. It is recommended to create strong, unique passwords for your Splashtop accounts, regularly update the software, and manage access rights diligently. These steps can go a long way in complementing Splashtop's security measures.


Splashtop's commitment to a multilayered approach to security ensures that your data and devices are well-protected. While Splashtop provides a fortress of security measures, users must also stay vigilant and adopt best practices to maintain a secure environment.

Learn more about Splashtop security. For any queries or assistance regarding security, don't hesitate to reach out to Splashtop's support resources. Together, we can make remote access a safer, more secure experience.

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Headshot of Jerry Hsieh
Jerry Hsieh
Jerry Hsieh serves as the VP of Security & Compliance at Splashtop Inc. Jerry is a highly experienced IT professional with a career spanning over 20 years in system, network, and data center management. He has a strong background in compliance frameworks such as SOC2, SOX404, HIPAA, and COSO. Jerry has a proven track record in global engineering management, leading cross-functional teams across multiple time zones and offshore sites. Jerry is a results-driven leader with a demonstrated ability to deploy cutting-edge technologies, optimize IT operations, and ensure regulatory compliance.
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