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Secure Remote Desktop Software

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Safe and Secure Remote Desktop Access

In a remote work world, security needs to come first. Connect to your computers without risking your device security, privacy, or data. Splashtop gives you the access you need with the security that will bring you peace of mind.

Individuals, teams, and even entire organizations can rely on Splashtop remote desktop software to give users highly secure remote access to their computers.

Advanced Remote Desktop Security Settings

Account admins can leverage Splashtop’s security features to ensure their users, devices, and entire organizations are in compliance with security policies.

Large organizations can utilize Splashtop Enterprise to get the additional security features that IT needs to secure users, devices, and data at scale. Exclusive Enterprise features include automatic user provisioning, granular permissions, SSO integration, group-based access permissions, and scheduled remote access.

Looking for remote monitoring and management features? Splashtop Enterprise and Splashtop Remote Support give you the tools you need to proactively support your managed computers, including endpoint security, configurable alerts, system inventory, update management, event logs, and more.

Splashtop secure remote desktop features include:

  • Device authentication

  • Session idle timeout

  • Lock streamer configuration

  • Multi-level password security

  • Remote connection notification

  • Proxy Server authentication

  • Two-step verification/two-factor authentication

  • Copy/paste control

  • Digitally signed applications

  • Blank screen

  • Screen auto-lock

  • Remote print control

  • …and more!

Why is Splashtop More Secure Than RDP?

RDP (remote desktop protocol) poses a threat to business and organizations that use it. RDP connections alone outside a firewall exposes traffic to security risks – and can make host computers vulnerable to cyberattacks, such as a ransomware attack. Adding security layers to RDP access such as firewalls or VPN gateways are difficult to set up, maintain, and scale.

Splashtop runs on proprietary technology that utilizes industry-standard security protocols like HTTPS and TLS. All devices are authenticated and connections are encrypted. Unlike RDP, Splashtop updates automatically meaning you always have the latest security features with Splashtop. This also makes Splashtop much easier and more secure to manage at scale. See our full Splashtop remote desktop vs RDP comparison.

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