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Splashtop New Features

Top New Splashtop Features of 2019

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Here are some of the top, most popular features we've introduced in 2019. Make sure you're using the latest version of the Splashtop apps and streamers so you'll have access to all the latest features. Features vary by subscription plan.

Drag-and-Drop File Transfer

Transfer files between computers quickly and easily with new drag-and-drop file transfer. Instead of opening the File Transfer dialog, transfer files by using your mouse or trackpad to select and drag a file or group of files from your local computer to a destination on the remote computer screen in your remote access session window.

You can also copy files in the other direction by dragging them from the remote computer into a folder or desktop of your local computer.

Session Recording

Now you can record remote access sessions. Use the new Session Recording button in the top of screen control bar on your remote access window to start and stop recording.

Recording files are saved to your local computer, in the Documents/Splashtop Business folder. They are saved in WebM media file format on Windows or mp4 on Mac to be easily viewable on your computer. The filename (e.g. Splashtop_Recording_20190116_154246_sjc-ai_01.webm) includes the name of the computer you connected to as well as the date and time, making it easy to locate specific recordings. The files are video only (no audio).

Manage Computer Grouping from the Splashtop Business app

Assign computer to a group as well as create/rename/delete groups directly from within the app.

  • Create a Group

  • Rename or Delete a Computer Group

  • Assign a Computer to a Different Group

See the User Account that is Currently Logged In on a Computer

See if a user is currently logged into the computer (indicated via an icon badge on the computer). Click into the gear icon to see the logged-in user name.

Updated Splashtop Business Apps for Windows and Mac

The latest release has multiple new features and enhancements.

  • Faster rendering of large computer lists

  • See which user is logged in on the computer list

  • See more information when clicking the gear icon next to a computer name (OS version, user and duration of last session)

  • Automatic reconnect if a session is interrupted due to an unexpected connection issue

  • Updated toolbar support for multi-monitor, Android streamer, and Linux streamer

  • Improved the Assign to Group feature

  • Better compatibility with MacOS Catalina (for Mac client)

  • Various fixes

Updated Splashtop Business App for Android

The Splashtop Business App for Android has been updated with a new look and new functionality. New features include:

  • Fresh new design

  • Collapse/expand groups and save group status

  • Easy switching between Splashtop accounts

  • Updated and optimized computer details page

  • Supports up to 4 live sessions

  • Recent tab to show session history

  • Show/hide remote mouse

  • Show Streamer device name

  • Supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Simplified Chinese, Italian and French

Download the latest Splashtop Business app for Android

Deploy & Manage Bitdefender with Splashtop

Easily purchase, deploy and manage Bitdefender endpoint security on your managed computers with Splashtop Remote Support. Protect your computers by purchasing and deploying Bitdefender endpoint security from within your console.

Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to purchase Bitdefender (at a great price), deploy it on your endpoint computers with a couple clicks, and then view security status and run scans. 

Deploy & Manage Bitdefender with Splashtop
Deploy & Manage Bitdefender with Splashtop

Unattended Remote Access for Linux Computers

In addition to Windows and Mac, you can now remote control your Ubuntu Linux computers from any device with Splashtop! 

No end-user needed on the remote Linux computer. Just set up Splashtop on the Linux computers you need access to and then enjoy unlimited, anytime remote access to those machines.

With Splashtop, business professionals can work remotely but still feel as if they’re sitting right in front of their Linux system, even while remote accessing from a tablet or mobile device. IT and MSPs can remote connect and control their clients’ Linux computers to provide support, even without the user present.

Splashtop SOS Integration with Major IT Help Desk Platforms

Splashtop SOS is now integrated with Zendesk Support, ServiceNow, Freshservice and Freshdesk! With just a few clicks, you can initiate a remote access session to your customer’s computer from within the Zendesk, ServiceNow, Freshservice or Freshdesk platforms.

Support for Additional Android Devices

We've added support for remoting into additional rugged and IoT Android devices from leading vendors including announcing support for Zebra devices. Unattended anytime access and attended remote support options. This support is available in our Remote Support Premium  and Splashtop for IoT plans.  We'll be announcing our next supported devices soon.

Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Support

Our new on-premise Remote Support solution is now available as an option if you prefer that over a cloud based solution. Learn more about Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Support

Scheduled Reboot (in Remote Support Premium)

Create, schedule, monitor, and execute ‘System Reboot’ tasks on one or multiple remote computers.

Alerts for Windows Events (in Remote Support Premium)

Monitor Windows Event Logs by setting alerts.  An alert is generated when an event log’s criteria matches the triggers set by the admin.

Scheduled Windows Updates (in Remote Support Premium)

Now you can schedule Windows updates (in addition to the previously available option to schedule reboots). Access the feature under Management | Scheduled Actions.

Click +Create Scheduled Action and select Scheduled Update

You can set several options when creating a Scheduled Windows Update action:

  • Select Monthly, Daily/Weekly, or One-Time frequency and set details

  • Choose to install All, Recommended, or Important updates

  • Exclude certain updates by Microsoft KB number

  • Set restart options

  • Apply the update rules to groups of computers or specific computers

Message Center in

We’ve added a new Message Center feature to Look for the envelope icon in the upper right corner of your screen when you’re logged into the site. You’ll find information on new releases, feature information, and more.

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