Splashtop New Features April-May 2019

Here are some of the new features added to Splashtop remote access and remote support solutions in April and May of 2019.

Updated Splashtop Business App for Android

The Splashtop Business App for Android has been updated with a new look and new functionality. New features include:

  • Fresh new design
  • Collapse/expand groups and save group status
  • Easy switching between Splashtop accounts
  • Updated and optimized computer details page
  • Supports up to 4 live sessions
  • Recent tab to show session history
  • Show/hide remote mouse
  • Show Streamer device name
  • Supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, German, Simplified Chinese, Italian and French

Download the latest Splashtop Business app for Android

Splashtop Business App for Android

Purchase and Deploy Bitdefender Endpoint Security

Protect your computers by purchasing and deploying Bitdefender endpoint security from within your my.splashtop.com console. This feature is available in Splashtop Remote Support (Basic, Plus, Premium) and Splashtop SOS (SOS+10 and SOS Unlimited) plans that include unattended computer access. Access this new category under Management | Endpoint Security or Management | Antivirus depending on your Splashtop plan.
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Buy Bitdefender in Splashtop

View Endpoint Security Status

View endpoint security protection status for Windows computers running Bitdefender, Windows Defender, Kaspersky, and more. Ensure that your endpoints are protected. This feature is available in Remote Support Premium.

See your Active Subscriptions

Now it’s easy to see which Splashtop plan(s) you’re subscribed to. Just click the down arrow in the upper right corner of your my.splashtop.com dashboard to see them. You can click the Below that info panel you can click Subscriptions to view and manage your subscriptions.

Splashtop subscription info

Splashtop Classroom App now Supports iOS Student Devices

The Splashtop Classroom app has been updated so now student iOS devices can view the teacher’s shared screen and interactively participate. Teachers can control the classroom computer and annotate the screen using their iPad, Android tablet, or another computer. Splashtop Classroom Downloads

Splashtop Classroom iOS

Enhanced localization of my.splashtop.com

Updated and enhanced localization for German and Spanish. The my.splashtop.com site displays in different languages depending on the language preference set in your web browser.

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