Splashtop Streamer for Linux

New Splashtop Streamer for Linux Coming Soon

We are currently working on a new Splashtop Streamer for Linux that will work with Splashtop Business Access, Splashtop Remote Support, and Splashtop SOS+10 and Unlimited.

Sign up below to let us know which Linux distributions you would like us to support and to be notified when the new version is available:

You can also try our old Splashtop Personal Streamer for Linux (Beta)

Splashtop Streamer is a high-performance audio-video streaming server, enabling access to a remote desktop for Linux from an Android device (tablet/phone) or an iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod). You can connect within a Local Area Network or through a cross-network or Internet connection.

Due to its efficient protocol, algorithms and optimizations, Splashtop has been shown in performance benchmarks to deliver up to 15x higher video frame rates and up to 10x lower latency times than its competition. Splashtop sessions are secured with SSL and 256-bit AES encryption, allowing it to serve as a secure pipe between devices, in some cases allowing users to eliminate their need for separate VPN solutions.

With this version of Splashtop Streamer, you can connect to a Linux computer and do the following:

  • view and edit files remotely (no transferring or syncing)
  • run your favorite Linux programs
  • stream your music collection
  • watch videos at up to 30 frames per second with low latency
  • play graphics-intensive games
  • use multilingual input methods
  • perform on-the-fly transcoding of various video and audio formats

In addition, the Linux version of Splashtop Streamer allows the fine-tuning of the video frame rate and the setting of port numbers by manually editing a configuration file (which is not available in the Mac or the Windows version of Splashtop Streamer).

The user must be logged in to a Splashtop account in order to use the Streamer and client programs.
A Splashtop account can be created FREE of charge after launching the Streamer software or the client app.


  • Splashtop Streamer for Linux works with Splashtop Personal clients (download)
  • Splashtop Streamer for Linux does not support legacy Splashtop client apps
  • This version of the Splashtop Streamer supports Ubuntu 12.10 and 12.04; currently there is no support for other versions of Ubuntu or other Linux distributions
  • Splashtop Streamer for Linux is not officially supported (not covered under support agreements and technical support is not available)
  • There are no plans for updates or additional platform support for the Linux streamer at this time.


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