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Remote Access Insights

Speed Matters in Remote Access and Support

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Speed and performance have become critical components of a successful distributed workplace. Workers need to have the same technology experience from wherever they’re working on whatever device they’re working from – just like they would in the office. As a result, speed and performance are crucial for remote access and support solutions.

There are two aspects to successfully creating a distributed workplace with both high performance and speed.

  1. IT teams need to provide real-time remote support to students, employees, contractors, or partners.

  2. Employees who work with a variety of rich content and apps, on multiple devices need highly efficient remote access.

Remote like you’re there with remote access and support

With remote access, users access their remote workstations or computers to work with a wide range of apps, content, services, etc. which can slow down performance. These include things such as digital content that is media-rich and served in high definition, complex software like video production and CAD (computer-aided design) tools, plug-ins, and specialized apps that integrate into multiple systems.

To give your users a remote experience equal to their on-site experience, your remote access solution must consistently encrypt, transmit, decrypt and synchronize app and content elements. All while minimizing packet loss, screen refresh times and lag.

The need for high-performance remote access spans across industries. You can see that in these common use cases:

  • Product designers who manipulate 3D CAD models on high-resolution 4K screens

  • Student or professional film editors who work remotely on workstations filled with post-production software

  • Patients and caregivers who simultaneously access the same computer screen from different locations

  • Any industry with remote processes for collaboration and work

In all scenarios, performance makes up the heart of a productive remote experience.

Meet demands for speed and instant results with remote support

Giving your users fast remote access is only half the battle. When they suddenly face an issue with their hardware or software, they want help immediately. Your service desk must be ready to respond in real time, at all hours of the day and night.

Students and professionals use a wide variety of device types. In fact, your service desk can expect remote users to require support for up to four different devices per person according to Gartner. To support them, your remote support technicians must deliver services over connections to desktops, laptops, mobile devices (iOS, Android), even virtual machines.

Experience high-performance remote access and support with Splashtop

Splashtop has answered the call for high-performance remote access combined with real-time, instant remote support for organizations across all industries. Our most comprehensive solution, Splashtop Enterprise, is a single application for both remote access and support.

Its ease of use makes it fast to deploy and even faster to use. With Enterprise’s unattended computer access your employees and students can easily work/learn from home and your IT team can remotely manage computers and provide support. All with one tool.

Speed is ‘baked into’ multiple aspects of Splashtop Enterprise’s remote access features. These include:

  • 4K streaming at up to 60 frames per second (fps)

  • iMac Pro Retina 5K streaming at low latency

  • Reduced CPU utilization providing more CPU headroom to process applications

  • Fine-tune capabilities within Splashtop settings for optimal performance

  • Optimized encoding and decoding engine to take advantage of the latest hardware acceleration from AMD, Intel and NVIDIA

High-performance remote access ensures users are consistently productive when performing tasks like video-editing, graphic design, animation, coding, and much more. Plus, they can expect and count on low latency and minimal lag. With Splashtop, they can access their work computers, applications, and data just like they would in person. They can even access VMs that run cloud GPUs for high-performance cloud computing.

Remote support optimized for speed

Splashtop Enterprise’s remote support has also been optimized for speed on a variety of fronts. Any user on any device can gain instant remote support via the Splashtop SOS app. The technician simply generates a support link and sends it to the end-user. The end-user follows the link to download and run the app. When that is done, the technician can initiate the remote session. Whether they need support on a company-owned or personal device, Splashtop’s real-time support works the same way.

In the event your service desk team has an unforeseen spike in support requests, Splashtop’s got you covered. Splashtop Enterprise simply acts like service desk software by providing a queuing feature, technician management, multi-level escalation, and even multi-technician collaboration. Users can also request a support session directly from a desktop app called SOS Call, and get technician help within minutes.

Warner Bros. enjoys high performance and rapid deployment

Warner Bros. International Television Production (WBITVP) New Zealand needed to enable editors to remotely use their office-based Windows and Mac workstations while maintaining productivity. They were concerned because their existing remote access solution was too slow to support post-production activities.

Their team needed a solution that could handle specialized software like AVID and activities like sound and video editing, visual effects, sound mixing, color grading and dubbing. After switching to Splashtop, Warner Bros. editors were able to maintain productivity while working remotely.

“After using Splashtop, users’ feedback was that the frame rate was far better, and they had a more responsive experience. Our editors experience little to no lag, just as if they were in the office.” – Mike Marsh, IT (Information Technology) Manager at WBITVP New Zealand

Rapid deployment of remote access is also part of the performance equation. That’s why WBITVP was extremely pleased to have Splashtop set up and running within just 5 hours.

“From the initial introduction through to giving users access, I was very impressed with the simple yet secure setup. The fast turnaround kept our workflows going smoothly.” – Mike Marsh, IT (Information Technology) Manager at WBITVP New Zealand

Ridley School District provides in-school style support to remote students

Ridley School District  is a large, suburban public K-12 school district in southeastern Delaware County, Pennsylvania in the United States. They needed a remote support process that closely resembled the in-school support model. Students varied greatly in their technology awareness and skills.

This meant the IT team at Ridley School District needed an easy-to-use support tool. “It is nearly impossible to instruct a child to do manual resets and fix other tech issues without seeing the device,” said Tracy Dilossi, Systems Administrator/Technology Support at Ridley School District.

Ridley’s Director of Technology purchased three Splashtop licenses for the department to share as their solution for student remote support.

“We would not have been able to support this many devices without Splashtop. It made our support sessions go much more quickly. It’s been invaluable!” – Tracy Dilossi, Systems Administrator/Technology Support at Ridley School District

“Splashtop provides great performance on our Macs as well as mobile devices.” – Tracy Dilossi, Systems Administrator/Technology Support at Ridley School District

Get started with Splashtop Enterprise today

To learn about all the capabilities of Splashtop Enterprise for high-performing remote access and remote support, visit the Splashtop Enterprise page. You can even arrange for a demo or free trial right from the page.

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