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Student utilizing Remote Access on their laptop to connect with Mac computers in a school lab
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Remote Access to Mac Computer Labs for Students

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Students can securely access & control Mac computers from their own laptops, tablets, and mobile devices to access all the files and apps they need.

There are several reasons why college campuses across the US have been adding an increasing number of Macs to their computer labs. A recent survey found that 71% of college students prefer using Mac computers. Macs are the preferred choice, especially for students who are studying creative fields such as graphic design, architecture and video production.

In the wake of COVID-19 shutting down campuses, universities have been searching for a way to help students access lab computers remotely. VPNs are notoriously slow, difficult to manage, and not secure. And many remote desktop solutions don’t offer decent support for Mac computers.

That’s why several colleges have turned to Splashtop to enable students to remotely access Mac lab computers from their own devices. Students can leverage the processing power, specialized hardware, and software of the Macs using their own Chromebooks, iPads, laptops or any other device. And with Splashtop’s high performance remote connections, they can do that in real-time!

Additionally, teachers can remote into the Mac lab computers to provide a more effective remote teaching experience.

Splashtop for Mac Lab Computer Remote Access

The College of Fine, Performing, and Communication Arts (CFPCA) at Wayne State University is one of many colleges that are now using Splashtop to provide students with remote access to computer labs.

In addition to fast remote access to Macs, the students at Wayne State also get the benefit of being able to use the software applications on the Mac lab computers that they normally wouldn’t be able to run on their personal devices.

“With video editing, the students are doing 4k, even up to 8k, and their MacBook Pros aren’t going to be able to handle that,” said Chris Gilbert, Application Technical Analyst at the CFPCA., “So we have iMac Pros in the labs at school and the students are able to remote in and everything works for them.”

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) department at Laney College has also received positive feedback from faculty and students remotely accessing the school’s computer labs.

“Some students have computers that aren’t powerful enough to run this software,” said Gerald Casey who works in the CTE’s IT department. “The students have to have access to this software, and that’s where Splashtop comes in… The instructors love it. They can’t believe it works so well, they’re shocked, and I don’t think I’m overstating that.”

The Future of Remote Desktop for Lab Computers

While Splashtop provided a way for many universities to continue remote learning when campuses shut down, most universities plan to continue offering remote access even after campuses reopen.

There are several reasons why higher education institutions want to continue using Splashtop for remote labs:

  • Students can securely access lab computers, and their files and applications, from their own devices for remote learning.

  • In the event of sudden campus shutdown, students would still be able to access the resources they need to continue their education.

  • Students can access lab computers from home while sick to prevent spreading illness to other students and faculty.

  • Students and faculty love how accessible Splashtop has made Mac lab computers.

  • Splashtop enables users to hear audio while remotely accessing Mac computers.

Get Started with Splashtop For Free

Splashtop Business Access is fast, secure, and easy to deploy. Students will be able to remotely access and control Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from their own Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and even Chromebook devices and feel as if they were sitting in front of the remote computer while controlling it.

You can start your free trial now to see how easy it is to enable remote access to Mac labs.

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