Mac Remote Desktop with Sound / Audio

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Mac remote desktop with sound

While several remote desktop tools offer remote access to Macs, many fail to properly transfer sound from a remote Mac computer to the local device.

This can be a major hassle for users, especially for remote workers and students who need to hear the audio coming from the remote Mac computer. For example, video and sound editors rely on being able to hear audio in real-time for lip-syncing.

If you’re an individual user, or part of an organization with multiple users who need to remotely access Mac computers, then you need a tool that can give you both access to Macs AND enable you to hear the audio.

Best Mac Remote Desktop Audio Support – Splashtop

With Splashtop, you’ll get fast remote desktop connections to your Mac computers. You’ll enjoy high definition streaming with sound.

Splashtop enables you to remotely control your Mac computer from any other computer, tablet, or mobile device. Not only will you be able to access any file and application on your Mac computer, but you’ll also hear the sound coming from the Mac in real-time.

You’ll feel as if you were sitting right in front of the Mac computer while remotely controlling it from another device.

“There are a lot of [remote desktop] options out there. We had one but it didn’t do the sound part. Some would only work if you were connecting to a Mac from another Mac. I found Splashtop, installed it on a few Macs, and tested it from my own computer, and the sound worked, so I was very excited about that!” – Mats Holm, Lenawee Intermediate School District

“We specifically got Splashtop because it was the top solution for Macs.” – Nicholas Adams, Lenawee Intermediate School District

Get Started with Splashtop for Free

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Splashtop Business Access gives you remote access to Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from any other Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device. No credit card or commitment required to start your free trial

If you’re a business organization that needs remote desktop software so your users can work remotely, check out Splashtop’s volume discounts for working from home.

If you’re a school district, college, or other educational institution that needs to give faculty and/or students remote access to school lab computers, check out Splashtop for remote labs.

“Students don’t have a powerful enough computer to handle all the stuff we’re throwing at them. For example, with video editing, the students are doing 4k, even up to 8k, and their MacBook Pros aren’t going to be able to handle that. We have iMac Pros in the labs at school and the students are able to remote in and everything works for them.” – Chris Gilbert, Wayne State University

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