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How Splashtop Enterprise Can Help You Consolidate your IT Stack

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IT leaders want to use fewer tools in their environment as a way to simplify their workflows, streamline operations, and reduce purchasing headaches. We completely get that. In fact, consolidation and simplification are main drivers behind the success of Splashtop Enterprise.  

As an all-in-one tool, Splashtop Enterprise incorporates both remote access and remote support. It then ups the ante on simplicity by providing a long list of valuable integrations and flexible pricing that make it a no-brainer for supporting a hybrid workforce.   

Let’s break it all down to see exactly what type of consolidation and simplicity features Splashtop provides for every Enterprise customer.

Remote Access & Remote Support in One

With Enterprise remote access, users can connect to a device on the corporate network (usually a PC) and use it from any device, in any location. With Enterprise, you’ll only need one tool to manage both physical and virtual environments, making it the perfect tool for hybrid work. Enterprise’s remote support function enables IT support personnel to provide both unattended and attended support to any remote user who needs technical assistance. Adding to the simplicity, the attended support feature allows IT helpdesks to securely provide ‘live’ support in real-time to any device – even if that device is not company-owned.

Broad-Device Support

Splashtop Enterprise provides IT teams with the flexibility, control, scalability, and ease of use required to effectively manage remote access for their hybrid IT infrastructure. Splashtop supports Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile (Android/iOS/Chrome), IoT and rugged devices. Gone are the days of having to use different tools to manage different devices, Splashtop does it all.

Numerous Integrations…that Matter

Splashtop Enterprise has a long list of integration partners across PSA/ticketing, RMM, malware security, and helpdesk. These include such industry leaders as Bitdefender, Datto, Ninja, ServiceNow, Zendesk and many, as you can see on our Integrations page

Single sign-on (SSO) integration also streamlines user experiences and security. Splashtop Enterprise uses the SAML 2.0 standard and integrates with all major identity providers, including ADFS, Azure AD, Okta, JumpCloud, OneLogin, Workspace ONE, TrustLogin, and Shibboleth. Even more useful, leveraging the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), your IT administrator can auto-provision SSO accounts in Splashtop Enterprise – even auto-configure your desired groupings of SSO accounts.

Ongoing Simplicity from the Start 

Splashtop Enterprise is so easy to set up and use that Splashtop earned the highest scores (among 40 companies) in the G2 Usability Index for Remote Desktop, Spring 2021. In fact, Splashtop received scores of 98% for both ‘Ease of Use’ and ‘Ease of Admin.’ Learn more about Splashtop’s great usability and admin scores.

If all that were not enough, Splashtop Enterprise wins many customer accolades for delivering a multifaceted remote access & support product at very attractive price points – standard! That makes your purchasing process even simpler. Add that to easy setup, management, and scale, and you are sure to simplify and consolidate your IT stack.


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