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Fast and Frictionless: Small and Midsize Businesses Win with Remote Access and Support

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The year 2020—and all its challenges—started the race to hybrid work. Now, more people are working from remote locations than ever before. The 2020 PEW study of American adults “How the Coronavirus has — and hasn’t — Changed the Way Americans Work” found that just 20% of Americans worked from home before the Coronavirus and 57% want to work from home after the Coronavirus outbreak ends. In light of this, many small and midsize businesses know they have to act fast to keep hybrid workers performing, productive, safe and supported.

What’s the easiest way to join the hybrid work challenge and take the checkered flag? Use a simple and secure remote access and support solution. Buying and using one should be fast and frictionless—once you know what you need.

Here are the essentials…and some street-legal extras to consider:

Your engine should run with vital parts

Nothing’s faster and more frictionless than a car with the necessities under the hood. In the remote work world, that means giving your people both remote access and remote support. After all, when your people work remotely, IT needs to provide both anyway. You simplify your help desk workflow with on-demand remote support, and you enable employees to work from home without any compromise using high-performance remote access.

Why would small and midsize businesses add complexity by acquiring and running remote access separately from remote support? That would be like making two pit stops – 1 for engine issues and 1 for tire changes.

All street-legal devices welcome

Would Dominic Toretto ever tell a street racer with a unique ride that he can’t compete? Heck no – and neither should your IT team. A frictionless remote access and support solution places no limits on device types, making BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) even more effective. This lets your people run whatever devices they want, without risking security or performance.

Support for any device? That’s right. Leaders in this race refer to it as ‘attended support.’ Using attended support, your IT team is the ultimate pit crew; they can fix a broken-down device from any location. Suddenly, you can support any end user on their work or personal devices—including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices—the moment they need assistance. Help desk teams simply take control of the end-user’s device to troubleshoot, just like they would ‘at the track’ a.k.a. in person.

High-performance extras fit under the hood

Many remote access solutions break down under the strain of high-performance workstations and special apps, such as those used in Media & Entertainment. Your end-user experience should be high performing, even when you boost your power with 120 gigs of RAM or graphics cards like Quadro RTX 8000. Not to mention other goodies like software from Maya, Nuke, Adobe Suite, Toon Boom, Modo and more.

Before you purchase your remote access ride, make sure that geographically dispersed users and systems perform at a high level over tremendous distances. Small and midsize businesses can’t afford a solution that breaks down or runs out of gas when going cross country.

Security that’s better than a roll cage

By its very nature, remote access is far more secure than a VPN, because your employees can't grab what’s ‘under the hood’ and sell it for parts on the black market. Neither can nefarious hacker gangs. At a minimum, an ideal remote access and support solution should offer 2FA, TLS 1.2 with AES 256-bit encryption. It should also meet compliance standards like SOC 2, have single sign-on integration, granular privilege control, and group-based access permission.

We’re going to toot our own horn here, because Splashtop provides all of that and more. We’ve even formed our own Security Advisory Council because we believe that security is something that’s never ‘done.’ At Splashtop, we prioritize turbo-charged security every step of the way.

Take it for a spin before you commit

A frictionless user experience starts at the time you want to evaluate a remote access and support solution. You should be allowed by your vendor to take it for a spin. Read up and ask for details about the user experience from the beginning, including how simple and fast it is to trial, right through to actual acquisition of the license.

You should also be able to modify your ride without hassle. At Splashtop, for example, when you need to add ‘passengers’ to your ‘vehicle,’ simply click “add users” and the changes are made instantly.

A pace car to manage all devices

A remote access solution should allow you to simultaneously manage and schedule updates for all your managed devices. Moreover, you should be able to select the time and date to do so. We have quite the lineup of small to midsize businesses who manage the majority of their IT infrastructure with this convenient Splashtop feature.

Splashtop recognizes that every team has their own style and may want to modify the stock capabilities. So, we provide configurable alerting. Now, you can decide the ideal configuration for your alerts surrounding device status, software installation, memory usage, Windows event logs and more.

Get behind the wheel today – it’s free!

Get started with a free trial now to experience for yourself why small and midsize businesses and industry analysts are raving about Splashtop. There’s no credit card or commitment required and signing up takes just a couple minutes.

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