RDP on iPads Too Slow? Browsing Websites Over VPN a Nightmare? Fed-up Troubleshooting VPN Client Problems on Android?

With the explosion of iPads and other mobile devices together with the increasing trend of BYOD, many businesses use RDP to connect their mobile users back to office computers. Using RDP alone outside the firewall exposes traffic to security risks – and can make host computers vulnerable to outside attack – so VPN is required. However, when using RDP / VPN to support mobile devices, the following problems often arise:

  • Lack of compatible mobile VPN clients.MAN IN BALL AND CHAIN HAVING A RDP over VPN headache
  • Lengthy, complex, and error-prone configuration of mobile VPN and RDP clients can result in user downtime when using line of business applications.
  • Employees are confused remembering multiple logins for their VPN client, RDP app and desktop.
  • RDP is slow over the WAN so there is significant latency when accessing applications –selecting menu options or typing text do not see an instant response leading to user frustration.
  • Typically Internet access is also pushed through VPN. This increases the load on the VPN appliance leading to a bad user experience and potentially impacting other network services.
  • Lack of vendor documentation for VPN client and RDP app configuration – or conflicting options – leave user forums as a source of answers.
  • There is no ‘one-way’ to reliably configure iPad VPN clients with RDP apps – resulting in time consuming ‘trial-and-error’ set-up and on-going maintenance as each may offer different configuration options and so the user experience is different.

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