Splashtop Case Studies

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BDP In Architecture Industry Case Study
BDP was able to get all 1,350 of their employees working remotely within 48 hours with Splashtop
Olivier Palatre Architects – WFH
Olivier Palatre Architects was impressed that Splashtop was able to ensure continuity and fulfill the unique needs for their team

Business Services

Monitor ERP Case Study
Monitor ERP reduces cyber security risks while improving remote support to 5,000+ customers worldwide using Splashtop On-Prem
Olivier Palatre Architects – WFH
Vintage Soapworks employees can now work at the comfort of their own home thanks to Splashtop Business Access


L aTechnocreativa Case Study
La Tecnocreativa uses Splashtop to break down barriers and provide both in-person and virtual students with access to industrial, 3D workstations on campus computers.
Abbey Road Institute Case Study
How the Abbey Road Institute leveraged Splashtop remote access software to ensure academic continuity in a remote learning environment
Asheville Case Study
Asheville High School Career and Technical Education (CTE) students were provided with remote access to run software for their computer animation and game arts classes
Imperial Valley College Case Study
Imperial Valley College faculty members and students were provided with remote access, and their IT team became more efficient with their technical support as a result
Laney College Case Study
Laney College students can use lab computer software such as Photoshop, AutoCAD, and Revit by remoting in with their own devices from anywhere
Lenawee ISD Case Study
Lenawee Intermediate School District deployed Splashtop to enable students to remotely access lab computers from their own Chromebooks and other personal devices
OSZ IMT Case Study
Students and faculty can now remotely control OSZ IMT lab computers from their own devices at home with Splashtop remote desktop software
Ridley High School Case Study
Ridley High School switched from in-classroom to remote learning and was able to remotely support 500 faculty members and 6,000 students by adopting Splashtop
St. Joseph's School for the Deaf Case Study
St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf upgrades to Splashtop Enterprise to reduce security risks and support students and staff through the pandemic and beyond.
valverde Case Study
Val Verde Unified School District benefits from Splashtop Classroom and Mirroring360, as they were able to increase classroom interactivity and student engagement
Virginia Tech Case Study
Virginia Tech remotely manages and supports over 2,200 devices across 140 sites with Splashtop
Wayne State University Case Study
Wayne State University utilized Splashtop to allow their students to continue learning remotely and effectively
Poway Unified School District Video
Poway Unified School District uses Splashtop remote access to enhance learning
Confederation College Video
Confederation College uses Splashtop for remote computer lab access and IT support


Strobel Energy Group
Strobel Energy Group saved over 80% of the cost and was able to access twice as many computers by making the switch to Splashtop

Financial Services

Nissay Asset Management
Nissay Asset Management was impressed at how easy it was for them to deploy Splashtop On-Prem in-house

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Home Farm Family Medicine
Home Farm Family Medicine used Splashtop to set up a frontline healthcare practice during COVID-19
Slingeland Hospital
Increasing the efficiency and quality of healthcare trough continuous monitoring and Splashtop remote access software


Platinum Tank Group
Platinum Tank Group makes secure flexible work a reality for 3D CAD designers with Splashtop Enterprise.
Yamaha uses Splashtop to remotely support customers using their surface mount IoT equipment


Audio Perception Case Study
Audio Perception was able to share design plans remotely and provide reliable remote support to clients when switching to Splashtop
Boxel Studio case study
Boxel Studio uses Splashtop to enable artists to work productively from anywhere
Class X Radio Case Study
Class X Radio switched to Splashtop and received better functionality at a great price
Holy Spirit Radio Case Study
Holy Spirit Radio Foundation leveraged Splashtop to keep everyone safe and create a seamless remote broadcasting experience
khara, Inc. Case Study
khara, Inc. was able to offer a remote work environment as an option to their employees thanks to Splashtop
Warner Bros. Case Study
Warner Bros. Uses Splashtop to Execute Post-Production Tasks from Anywhere
Adobe Video's Video
Adobe Video shares why Splashtop is their preferred solution to remotely control computers and use Adobe apps from anywhere
Remote Directing Video
Remote directing with iPhones and Splashtop SOS


Amedis Case Study
Amedis, a leading French MSP, integrated Splashtop within their solution to meet the remote access needs of modern enterprises
Bechtle Case Study
Bechtle GMBH IT-Systemhaus Chemnitz Leveraged Splashtop Enterprise for Remote Computer Labs to remotely run its training centers
EPAD Business IT Case Study
EPAD Business IT was able to migrate over to Splashtop within a few hours and saved over 70% by making the switch
Fast Break Tech Case Study
Fast Break Tech made the switch to Splashtop remote support and was extremely impressed by the seamless implementation process
Groupe Delta Case Study
Groupe Delta upgrades their tech stack with Splashtop SOS to meet the need of their growing business and remote support on demand devices.
HCS Computer Solutions Case Study
HCS Computer Solutions, the only MSP in their county, found the best solution to help them remotely support 450 endpoints
IMCollaboration and LINCTEC Case Study
IMCollaboration and LINCTEC leveraged Splashtop Remote Access in Atera in order to provide effective remote support to their clients
Midwest PROTECH Case Study
Midwest PROTECH was pleased to get an affordable, user-friendly solution for all its remote support needs
My IT Indy Case Study
My IT Indy uses Splashtop Business Access to enable small businesses in Indiana to continue running from the safety of their homes
TechCastles Case Study
TechCastles enables remote film production with Splashtop
TeamLogic IT Case Study
TeamLogic IT, Brentwood leverages Splashtop to remotely support clients after their existing IT management tool’s security breach
DeKind Computer Consultants Video
DeKind Computer Consultants uses Splashtop to effectively support their clients


peter pane logo
Paniceus, the IT specialists for Peter Pane Restaurants, reduce device downtime using Splashtop Enterprise + AR
ABCis Case Study
ABCis uses Splashtop SOS to support around 1,500 customers, and they were happy that Splashtop met all their remote access needs
Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Case Study
Bill Miller Bar-B-Q uses Splashtop to remotely access and effectively support 1,000 point of sale terminals, corporate computers, and business users’ computers
Heinz Hammer Case Study
Heinz Hammer GmbH IT team leverage Splashtop Remote Support Premium to meet their need for a scalable IT remote maintenance solution
Munster Business Equipment Case Study
Munster Business Equipment leveraged Splashtop SOS to remotely and efficiently manage 500 machines
PETstock Case Study
PETstock was able to reduce operational costs and offer their IT team a more user-friendly remote support tool enabled with SSO