School IT Teams Trust Splashtop

Splashtop’s attended and unattended remote support solutions ensure you can keep all computers and devices in your school, university, or district up-to-date and running to top condition.

Manage All Computers With Splashtop Remote Support

Easily manage all your computers from anywhere. Splashtop Remote Support lets you remote into and provide support to all your Mac and Windows computers, even without an end-user present. You can remote into any computer, at any time, from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Splashtop Remote Support’s high performance engine guarantees fast and encrypted connections.

Use Splashtop Remote Support to:

  • Download and install updates
  • Transfer files between devices
  • Remote print
  • And more
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Provide On-Demand Support From Anywhere

When a technical issue arises, especially during a lesson, teachers need immediate support so they can get back to work. Splashtop SOS allows you to remote into any Mac, Windows, Android, iOS or Chromebook device to provide on-demand, attended support. End-users don’t need to download or install anything. You can connect to the teacher’s device with a simple 9-digit session code.

SOS is the ideal solution for:

  • Troubleshooting and fixing issues the moment they arise
  • Viewing and taking control of the device without needing to be there
  • Reducing the time it takes to fix a problem
Learn more about SOS and start your free trial now.

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