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TeamViewer Disables Remote Printing, Blank Screen, and Other Features from Free Plan

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TeamViewer has removed Remote Print, Disable Remote Input, and more features from their free plan. Instead of purchasing TeamViewer’s commercial plan, get those features and more with Splashtop's commercial plans and save 50% or more guaranteed a year!

Users of TeamViewer’s free plan will be without some much needed features from here on out. Without notice, TeamViewer suddenly disabled several features in the free version of their product. The disabled features include Disable Remote Input, Remote Printing, Blank Screen, and Switching Sides. According to a message posted on their community website after users noticed and started complaining, TeamViewer said that they disabled the features because they were “mostly used for commercial purposes” and to prevent scams. You can see the community reaction below:

The features removed were selected for their use in commercial environments, to avoid issues with personal use. This was also an important effort to protect against potential scams. More information can be found here: Best, Julia

— TeamViewer Support (@TeamViewer_help) January 30, 2019

The features removed were the most popular ones, which you are going to make people pay for now. EVERYBODY who has ever given support to his parents knows how important the "disable remote input" is if you really want to succeed. And you try to justify it with scams...

— Andi (@staff_andy) January 30, 2019

This comes after TeamViewer free users have been complaining in recent months about their remote connections timing out and then not being able to reconnect due to “suspected commercial use”. We’ve heard from several (now former) TeamViewer free users about their frustrations. Many feel angry because they feel like TeamViewer is trying to push them to purchase an expensive commercial license.

Not to mention, the lack of features like black screen and automatic security updates are both privacy and security concerns for users of the TeamViewer free version.

If you’re a TeamViewer free user who needs remote desktop software with features like Remote Print and Blank Screen, then we’re here to tell you that there’s a better option than paying for TeamViewer’s commercial plan. You can get those features and more with Splashtop!

Get Those Features and More, and Save 50% or More Guaranteed with Splashtop

Why is Splashtop Business Access a better option than TeamViewer’s commercial plan? Let’s break it down:

  • You’ll get the features that are no longer available in TeamViewer Free, plus more! Splashtop Business Access includes Remote Print, Blank Screen, Lock Remote Screen (similar to TeamViewer’s Disable Remote Input feature), and other great features like Drag-and-Drop File Transfer.

  • You’ll save 50% or more guaranteed on your cost when compared to TeamViewer's commerical plans!

    Splashtop Business Access starts at $5/month ($60/year). TeamViewer starts at $50.90/month ($610.80/year)*. Don’t break the bank for TeamViewer, save your money and get everything you need with Splashtop.

With that said, we know it can be tough switching to a new remote desktop solution after using TeamViewer for so long, which is why we’re letting you try Splashtop Business Access for free for 7 days! No credit card or commitment is required. Just sign up and you’ll be up and running with the full version of Splashtop Business Access Pro in minutes. Click the button below to start your free trial.

Read our full comparison between Splashtop vs TeamViewer. Or you can read more about Remote Print and Blank Screen with Splashtop. Make sure you start your free trial so you can try these features out and see for yourself why you should switch to Splashtop.

* Source: TeamViewer US web site $49/month ($588/yr) list price for Single User plan, Feb 2019.

Want to check pricing? See our Splashtop vs TeamViewer pricing comparison.

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